2021 BMW 228i GC Demo


Got a good deal at 395/month with 2k DAS.

Worked really hard to find this car at this price. Called 25 or so dealers before finding anything even close to this. Loving the car so far. PA has some good deals!


PA has a 6% sales tax and a 3% motor vehicle tax so your calculator isn’t right. You also show you put $700 down, so your effective payment is $435/month with just those two adjustments.

$4,500+ in incentives?

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I bought it in PA but live in CT so its CT tax


Yeah had a bunch of stuff which included college grad, loyalty, etc.

Loaner 228i gc were going for $385ish with first payment prior to market adjustment. This is a good deal. Enjoy the car.


Is the car tight by any chance? I’m a 6’1 200 pound male

I’m 6’ 3’’ and it’s perfectly fine in the front. The back is pretty tight though

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Enjoy it :partying_face:

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The OP just handed you a L

Are you sure about that? OP didn’t mention anywhere in his post that he was in CT so based on his calculator, it would be incorrect.

If you need clarification, “PA has some great deals”…indicates he is in PA or at least bought from a PA dealer…which again, wasn’t clarified in OPs original post. Second, check the tags in the post; PA, BMW. No mention of CT, so again, where would you assume the OP lives?

Sorry to hijack OP and given the current market, solid deal given the current climate.


Calm down og. Just playing around.