2021 Audi SQ5 P+ $600/month (audi care included) with ~$3k out of pocket

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Title: 2021 SQ5
Is this a good deal? I am basically paying $600 this includes tax and Audi care. Out of pocket, I am only paying tax, registration and license. Audi paying the first month. Is this a good deal? Thanks

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Audi SQ5 P+
MSRP: $61,090
Selling Price: $54,981 (10% off MSRP)
Monthly Payment: $600 (Audi care included)
Drive-Off Amount: ~ $3200
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.00008
Residual: 57% (with Audi care)
Region: MN
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Have you verified rv/mf/incentives? How does the pre-incentive discount compare to the deals and broker listings here you have researched?

Yes I verified the rv/mf/incentives from edmunds forum. Forgot to mention the incentives $750

You contradicted yourself… does the $600/month include tax or not? Drive Off of $3200 tells me that tax is not rolled in to the monthly.

Sorry for not explaining this right. In MN the tax is paid upfront. The ~$3200 includes tax (on lease term), license and registration. I just edited the post. Thank you!

I’ve never seen super competitive deals out of MN on here so I assume you won’t get much further locally

Ask for $1,000 off, see if they bite or meet you in the middle and call it a day


Here’s a calculator i attempted (update for your tax rate & gov’t fees). I put audi care in dealer fees. Looks like you’re around 8.8% off MSRP. Seems pretty good from what i’ve seen of 2021 SQ5s. They’re a refresh and came out recently so hard to get much discount on them so far

Thank you very much! I was going to sing the deal today but apparently the sales person told me that the is a mistake and the monthly payment is actually $627 and everything else is the same. He said that this coming from the general manager and he refuses to honor his first numbers. Do you think this still a good deal? thanks

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I mean that number doesn’t come out of thin air - what did they change to arrive at $627 now?

I am not exactly sure, they did not send me the exact numbers. I think the final sale price a bit and the only think left is the MF. So I am guessing that

Don’t guess. Find out.


This. Only $27 a month but that’s ~$1,000 in total over 3 years and roughly 1% less discount you’re getting most likely

It may be as simple as the lease programs changed for January and got worse, in which case it is what it is. Could be the dealer decided they didn’t want to discount ad much, in which case time to find someone who will.

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Take it and run!

What they told me is that they got mixed up with the numbers since I was transferred from one agent to another. Thats their explanation :confused:
I am still waiting for the final numbers but it’s basically one 1% less discount. The sales agent is pushing me to sign as soon as possible.

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What do you guys think? Should I sing it tomorrow? I appreciate all the feedback

Bait and switch. No.


I can’t imagine why.

I’d tell them to pound sand in principle alone.

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Either way, don’t sing about it.


These are the final numbers.
Selling price = $56,203 (8% of MSRP)
Drive off = $3500 (includes tax, registration, government and dealer fees)
Monthly payment = $608/month for the rest 35 months at 10k miles.

I tried with other local dealers, but they were telling me that they can’t even match these numbers. They quoted me at $700 with same drive off amount.

In MN, there are only 3 dealerships (2 owned by the same group and share the same inventory) within 300 miles radius. I did everything I can, I left no stone unturned up, I even spoked with the general manager and this the best numbers I was able to get.

Do you guys think this is good enough? I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks