2021 Audi S4 San Diego

I’m interested in leasing a S4 but wanted to see if it’s even possible financially. I would like a P+ with black optics, BO sound, and sports package. I’d like the payments under 600$/month for a 12/36 with something like a 2500 DAS. Does this seem doable to you guys? Or are we not in the ballpark? From the dealers I’ve talked to in LA, they are about 100-200$ more a month from where I want to be.

My local dealer doesn’t have any S4s in yet, but mentioned to me the past two January leasing specials have been very good. Any chance these specials will push me under the max monthly?

Have you seen any recent S4 deals on this forum that are within that ballpark?

You could also calculate the required discount on an S4 to get to your desired payment. You’ll need to know the MSRP of the desired car, along with the RV, MF, and incentives from a source like Edmunds forums.

Here’s a step-by-step video on how to do so: How to lease a car like a pro using Leasehackr Calculator! - YouTube


Have you looked at past deals (probably for 2020 S4s) or the “Marketplace” to see if your payment is even realistic? What pre-incentive discount do you need to get to achieve that payment?


LA is a competitive market for the cars already and if you’re interested 100 to 200 above where you’d like to be then that’s an indication it may not be a reasonable target.

Have you researched what incentives you qualify for, what the current RV and MF lease programs are?

Yeah, I am kind of getting the indication that the S4 might be out of the range. I was also looking at m340is and the numbers seem to work okay with similar msrp, but I guess the s4 probably doesn’t lease as well.

Yeah there are a few. Some people have said like 720$/month but then people respond saying that is way too high for an S4. Another posted a lease calculator that if they were able to get, seems to be within my range.

Audi dealers do not normally discount their cars as much as BMWs. Hence, if $600 is your budget your best bet is to go with the M340i.

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If you can wait, wait til March or April to target the 2020s

My impression is also that BMW tends (or tended?) to offer quite a few more incentives, depending on the month.

I can definitely wait, but I barely see any 2020 S4s as it is. I feel like they are pretty much all gone.

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yea inventory is garbage in socal. not gonna get a great deal as it stands unless you start shopping in other markets. everyone here is going to say xxx is too high no matter what deal you post. then someone posts a one off deal and act as if thats an every day occurrence. missed the boat when costco ended unfortunately.

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Yea, the biggest problem with getting any kind of deal
is inventory, as mentioned it hasn’t caught up anywhere on the S4 (and S5), not just socal. And 2020’s are practically non existent at this point, I wouldn’t even bother.

A quick check at Autotrader shows a little over 300 new '21 S4’s nationwide, compare that to say 1,200+ new '21 SQ5’s.

In any event, OP you need to go online at Audi and build your desired spec, get the MSRP, and get RV, MF, and incentives from Edmunds.

Then, use the LH calculator to build your target deal, you can play with the numbers to see exactly what kind of discount will be necessary and if it’s realistic or not.

What’s the msrp of an s4 optioned how you’d like?

Your proposed deal structure gives you an effective payment of about $670/mo. I guarantee you’ll be able to lease an S4 within your budget, it’s just a question of will it have all your desired options.

Also, Audi allows MSD to reduce the mf, which I’d strongly recommend doing.

I agree with everyone else- Your biggest obstacle is inventory. I’d bet that a volume SoCal dealer could get within your budget on a desirable s4 if there wasn’t an inventory shortage.

Last I saw, 2020s were all gone, minus some fully loaded units.

The s4 I am looking at right now has a msrp of 61,765. It would be the perfect one, with everything I want. I got numbers from the dealer that I’ll try and attach.

How can you make such a guarantee? OP’s $600 budget is unrealistic, IMO.

I’d venture to guess that quote includes zero dealer discount.

It’s not unrealistic. His proposed quote also includes $2500 due at signing, which makes his effective payment significantly higher. Also, I mentioned MSD which could probably save him around $1800 total on overall lease cost.

S4s start out around $54k with minimal options. He’s not asking for a fully loaded prestige trim.

Look at the historical “good” S4 deals that have been posted here; not the random “dealer offered me xxx, can I do better” threads. Some guy just posted a 2021 s4 deal exactly where the OP is looking to be.

I have been watching various S deals for the past year. Putting MSDs aside, there is no way OP is getting a 2021 S4 P+ for 12k miles year at $600/month with $2.5k DAS.

What was the “guy’s” pre-incentive discount on the posted 2021 S4 deal?

I believe that deal was based on 10% pre incentive dealer discount, and not using msd.

If there wasn’t an inventory issue, 10% is historically achievable on an s4 in Southern California.

Again, his problem is inventory.

He may want to start getting quotes on whatever loaded (p-plus) 2020s are still sitting on lots. A4/s4 was redesigned for 2020, so he wouldn’t be sacrificing anything.