2021 Audi Q7 55 Premium Plus (6cyl)

Wife wanted this vehicle so it’s not going to be a 10+ but she’ll be happy. Maybe this gives others a baseline for this vehicle. I don’t have a list of every fee, but I was good with the payment and reverse engineered the lease calculator. Was there a little more to bite off? Probably. But I liked how Donovan (he is here on the forum DonnyAudi) worked with me and was good with proceeding with the deal.

2021 Audi Q7 55
Packages include: Premium Plus, Executive Package, Black Optics, Towing, Front & Rear Doors Audi Beam-Rings, Audi Black Rings & Badges Kit
Additions: Audi Care $1199 (only added $15/mo)
MSRP: $72615
MF: .00105
MSD’s: 10 at $900ea
Drive Off: $1900
12k/36mo Lease
Payment: $898/mo

Signed deal?

What was the pre-incentive discount?

:point_up::point_up::point_up: What they said.

Fought for both a 10% discount on the MSRP and to get a non-marked up MF .00105. Incentive was the first month paid by Audi. Added Audi Care which raised the MF 1% too.

Attached contract…let me know your thoughts. Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 9.21.54 PM|379x500

I feel like there must be some rebates fudged into the discount. Here in NJ I’m showing $2000 between Audi National Credit and Audi Regional Credit on a Q7.

Was that a 10% discount pre-incentive? Also, did you look at other dealers?

Edmunds provided the MF and residual but didn’t mention any incentives. I started with 2-local dealerships but really only liked one of them—the other (closer one) high-balled their first offer to me and then wasn’t available to speak for a few days. I figured he showed his cards early. When I say high-ball, I mean like $750 off MSRP.
I then realized that I should try one of the Audi guys on the forum so I found Donovan - who actually works at an Audi dealership. Then I perused the dealers online looking for inventory of the car that I liked and contacted Fletcher Jones—they were running a 10% Presidents Day sale. I read somewhere that 10-11% is about the target goal on these cars so I was good with that provided I got the MF right.
I was straightforward with each and allowed them to get the deal. Ultimately, Donovan got it done as his monthly was where I could stomach and had the same executive package too (wanted the adaptive cruise control). Fletcher Jones possibly could’ve squeezed the deal out for one without the executive package but I decided that the deal was good enough and stopped.
This is by no means a lease hack super deal , but it’s for my wife and I didn’t want to get an inferior vehicle and be stuck with it after a year. She’ll love this and I’m happy.
Biggest takeaway is to find dealerships with the actual car on their lot and deal with those. Also, know the MF and add AudiCare in at the end as it will cost like $500 or so after residual which is easy to handle. Love to hear how others fare. I’m sure you can beat this deal and hope this gives you a baseline for negotiations.

Congrats! Post pics… think you did well, I doubt there’s much left on that bone.

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