2021 Audi Q5 Premium Plus - Hows this offer?


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Helping a friend. This deal is in NJ. Through email made an offer and the sales guy was quick to accept it which I found odd. I emailed every other dealer in NJ and from the few that responded, I have not been able to match or do better. The only thing I wish was different is the $3600 upfront PLUS first months payment. My offer was $3600 all in including first months. Dealer won’t budge on this. Asking the experts for their opinion?

Quick details
MSRP $52125
Discount 10.4 % $46704
MF = Base (checked with edmunds) .00028
RV = 55
Term 36/10k
Incentive is Costco $1250 (included in price)
Upfront (all in tax, fees, etc + 1st month) $4070
Monthly $470

Don’t want to use MSDs.

Doesn’t pass smell test… why would anyone want to pay close to $600 for a Q5 P+?

6.72% apr is crazy high. Are they nuts? That’s how they are re-couping the 10% discount

APR: 0.67%

0.00028 can’t be that high of an APR

Closest I could get to broker numbers. I can try to email a broker and see if they can do better.

Is Costco the only incentive in your region on Q5 right now? Your pre-incentive discount looks decent, and money factor is very low. What are the dealer fees?

MSDs don’t really make sense with MF already that low.

Yes, only Costco at the moment. Audi loyalty may the only additional in the region but do not qualify.

I have not asked for dealer fee breakdown. Is this important to have?

I find it likely since its NJ that very expensive nitrogen tires or vin etching has been applied but I have no luck at getting that removed in the past as its always “installed at the factory”


Yes, in grand scheme of things. You’ll need a bigger dealer discount on a deal with 699 doc fee to match a deal with similar initial discount with 85 doc fee.

If your friend is dead set on Q5, the only knobs to turn here to make this deal better is to push for bigger pre-incentive discount to compensate for large (NJ) dealer fees and addons or find a New York dealer with capped doc fees who would agree to this level of pre-incentive discounts.

Ah, Ok. Thanks for that detail.I fear NY will not be as forgiving. Ill give it a go though.

TBH it’s the end of 1st quarter. You’d be surprised how receptive they could get during last week to move stock to get their quarter bonuses. Not all but some. Can’t be picky with colors/options though, should be ready to move on whatever’s left.

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