2021 Audi Q5 Premium - $500 per month, $1500 drive off - Deal Thoughts

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We are new to leasing and in the final stages of confirming a lease and was looking for some feedback on this deal from an outside perspective:

Leaser - Audi Dealership
Model - 2021 Audi Q5 Premium (with convenience package and panoramic sunroof)
MSRP: $46750
Monthly Payment: $500.00 (including Chicago tax @ 10.25%)
Drive-Off Amount: $1525
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7500
Residual: 56%
Region: Chicago, IL

We have a better ‘value’ offer on the table with a similar MSRP Lexus NX F sport but are keen to hear the communities thoughts on this.

We have another month till we need a new lease so am wondering if we are likely to see a better deal for the same car within the next month.

Appreciate the input and any feedback is welcome.




It would be very helpful if you learn to use the LH calculator and then, you can get more feedback. There are some pertinent factors you are missing: what’s the MF in your deal? what’s the pre-incentive discount? Why no MSDs? In the process of learning to use the calculator, you will be able to understand the structure of your deal and then, can discover whether it’s a strong deal or not. Others will be able to assist if your calculator isn’t correct so it’s a learning exercise that will only help you in future deals as well.

You will want to verify the buy rate MF and regional incentives by asking on the Edmunds lease deal forums specifically for your ZIP.

Are you in Chicago proper or just in the area? Total tax on a lease in Chicago proper is significantly higher than 10.25%

A North suburb, 60714.

Yeah thanks, we are trying to goad the data points required out of the dealer but seems his view of detailed breakdown is a bit narrow so I can’t currently complete the calculator.

Thanks I will check out this out on Edmunds also.

Cook County is 8.25%. PM me if you want to talk about dealers in the area, I used to work for one in Chicagoland.

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Hi, Matt. I just leased a Q5 in December. Don’t know if this helps you make a decision, but here is that deal:

If you do enough research, you will know what a unicorn deal is, what’s a solid (and acceptable) and what’s not.

Put together the deal structure you want and then present it to the dealership. Don’t wait for them to dictate the terms with them allowing you the privilege of giving them your hard earned $. Take the reigns and flip the dynamic. Reach out to the GSM/GM. It will be a very easy- yes or no scenario.

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Thanks for the guidance. Just going back and forth with the dealer at the moment as the figures provided don’t align with what I am seeing the calculator:

Dealer Quote:

Sales Price- $40,603.25
Money Factor- .00035
Audi Rebate-$500
Lease fees- Doc fee-$304
Plates and Registration-$326
Acquisition Fee-$895

Monthly $500 per month
Total-$1,525 in drive away fees. Down payment is separate.

Calculator based on above:

I asked the dealer on this and the response was “lease calculators are not accurate and never calculate taxes correctly.” I can understand it may not be 100% but would like to understand the $50 difference per month…


If they’re quoting you based in chicago proper taxes, that’d be about the difference.