2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport, Lease Transfer, $471/Month (pre-tax), $50k MSRP

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The fact that the positive equity will likely turn to near nothing by next year, this isn’t worth paying seller $4K to take over the lease unless you plan to sell it right away. Then again, after factoring in the transfer fees and all, there isn’t any money to be made here.


That might be true, if your intention is to flip this car. It’s still a decent monthly payment for a $50k car though if you choose to keep it. I am open to offers.

Why not just sell to Vroom if they are offering $5K instead of just getting $4K (negotiable at that)? Honest question.

Vroom doesn’t buy leases and ally charges higher buyouts to 3rd party dealers.

Hi Omar,

Unfortunately Ally charges third party higher buyouts. So I would have to pay the vehicle off, receive the pink slip via mail, pay sales tax through the DMV (then file for tax refund via CDTFA-101), then sell the vehicle. I don’t have $37k in my bank account to do that. I only listed the Vroom offer as a reference for others to get an idea what this car is worth today. I also got similar offers from Autonation and Shift.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Also, your effective isn’t 507 if you add in the 4k due you’re asking for.

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Yea well that’s not how lease monthly payments are calculated in your contract nor did I claim the $507/month includes the cash due lol.

Anyways, for everyone else still interested I am dropping the cash due to $2,000. I got a few messages already of people interested but nothing is confirmed yet. Feel free to message me or post here with any questions you have.


Was this originally a 36-mo term? If so, assuming registration is due 4/03, do you know about what it comes out to?

You’re in CA, the one state where you can buyout and resell with 10 days tax exemption.

So if I put 4k down on a lease, bringing my payment to $400 per month with tax, my effective monthly car payment is $400? I’m not going to argue with you but…you’re wrong here. Also, you may want to review your contract b/c it certainly shows where you would put money down on the lease.

I know right lol…I just don’t have the money to buy it out myself or else I would have flipped this car.

That’s correct, the registration total comes out to $537

Would you be interested in selling the V2 separately?

If I cant find someone to take over the lease I will be keeping the car with the V2 intake. But if whoever takes over the lease doesn’t want the V2 and prefers the stock intake I will let you know.

Lease buyout is a steal, IMO. Pity these cars suffer from a reputation they don’t deserve. Great car, and one of the few great sedans left


Car is no longer available. Please close thread. Thanks!