2021 Acura TLX Aspec $45775

Great deal. I wonder if they would give a similar discount on an ILX. I will give them a call on Monday. :slight_smile:

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Likely because this deal included a trade that could be CPO’ed

Others already said, but great deal and a better color. Congratulations!

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This deal didn’t have a trade. Old car was sold to vroom so it’s a separate transaction

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My mistake. Even better

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Sold white tlx to vroom 7k profit


The TLX was my first leasehack
Deal before this site existed so I always love seeing these deals especially in this market. Awesome
And great deal.

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How hard was it to get them to drop the price?

I told them my budget over the phone. 20 mins later I got my #. I offered 353 per month she came with 348.

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Great work, this almost never happens in this market.

You offered $353 !and they came back at $348???

As much as that’s hard to believe I find it incredibly interesting. I actually believe this was nothing but extreme luck and a dealership that just wanted a sale. I just can’t fathom in a market like this that a deal like this can be replicated.

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Thats gotta be the case. End of month, the dealer needed a quick sale to reach a volume threshhold, and they gave them a price he would not refuse.

Yea this was definitely an end of the month “unicorn” at least during the current market. I spoke with them this morning after PM’ing the original poster over the weekend, they pulled up the deal and said they wouldn’t do it, “best” they could do was $430 monthly with $2700 down lol, even with conquest. Nice deal for OP.

Surprised as all the Acura dealerships seem to have a glut of TLX’s compared to their other models. Even the brokers on here don’t have them in stock.


Not really a unicorn but a good deal none the less. We did 12% all last month until we sold out of Aspec units.

Just advance and tech now at 12%

Although the lack of a broker fee and a higher doc fee does eat the steeper 1.3% discount….the delta doesn’t make it a unicorn.

Congrats and well done!

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That’s the problem with NJ dealers, this deal isn’t necessarily a unicorn, I wouldn’t have batted an eye at it 1-2 years ago, but without the crazy marked up dealer doc fees, it makes it worth a look at the NYC area dealerships. All these north NJ dealers range from $399-$899+ just for a stupid doc fee, then yea if I have to add a broker fee of another $400-$500+ this just kills it. No problem paying a broker fee if the MSRP discount is good like you had at 12%, but these extra NJ dealer fees are ridiculous.

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Awesome deal. i tried to contact and match the deal with MO.

unfortunately, he can’t.

can you share your contract if you don’t mind ?


In this market, a deal from months ago isn’t all that relevant.

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Any reason to get A-Spec over Advance? Cheaper? Sportier? Better deals?

Advance is attractive to me at least for the adaptive suspension. HUD.

just sporty look & colorway ( pearl blue on red )

and then i can’t feel attractive about acura HUD