2021 330e BMW - electric drive not getting enough miles

Is it just me, or is this car not getting anywhere close to 20 miles on all electric drive? Almost to the point of it not even being worth charging to get just 10 miles.

I’ll be honest, I only got the 330e vs 330i because of the stronger incentives, but would still like to benefit from the electric.

Let me know if you are having a similar experience

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Our F30 does 17-18 miles with full charge. 10 miles doesn’t sound right.

I’m getting bit over 20miles which is close to what it’s rated for if I’m not mistaken. You might want to send it to service to check the battery condition.

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It charges to around 16-17 miles, but I actually get somewhere around 10. It’s brand new and I just got it a 2 weeks ago

How many miles does it show when your at 100% charged?

Like 25 or so, but again I’m not particularly sure how accurate the EV mileage reported by the computer, I haven’t tried to force it in EV only mode then count the miles

my previous gen would rarely get above 15, and when it was cold. it got like 4

We have the plug in 5 series and it gets like 14 miles. But we also got it for the rebate. Given electricity prices, it hardly makes sense to plug in.

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My F30 got 16-19 miles per charge in SoCal. Grandpa driving, under 70 on the freeway.

My G30 gets 24-27 miles so far, almost exactly 50% better; bigger car and slightly bigger battery than the F30 (but I thought the G20 also increased its battery size over the F30). I can also hit 85 mph now, the previous F30 was only 75.

Spirited driving and/or >65mph will decrease it quite a bit.

No idea where you live that gas is so cheap but I’ve never heard anyone say that electric is more expensive.

SoCal. When I did the math (which may be wrong) it was like $2-3 to charge it to get 14 miles. Again I might have screwed up the math.

It is approximately $.20 a Kwh, so yeah, it would run about $2.50 to fill up a 12Kwh battery. The other part of this equation however, gas, is over $4 a gallon so, not sure that it is much cheaper.


You’re likely right. At SCE, the Tier 2 rate is 30 cents per kWh. The 530e battery is listed at about 9 kWh usable capacity, so with loss you need about 10 kWh to recharge fully, costing $3.00. If you’re only getting 14 miles, then that’s equivalent to slightly over one-half gallon of gas. Even in California I don’t think gasoline is $5.50 per gallon. But I’d have the battery checked - 14 miles is well below the EPA estimate.

Hmmm, 10 miles does not seem right, by any stretch of the imagination. Here’s my experience in regards to the electric drive on the PHEV. Ever since taking delivery of my 2021 330e xDrive (I upgraded from a 2019 330i xDrive), I’ve adjusted my driving style to be a lot less of a hooligan. When in EV mode, I always try to keep the power gauge on the right as close to “0” as possible. Even hitting “20” causes the battery to drain much quicker. Try to plan ahead early for stops so you can get the most from regenerative braking. Also, light pressure on the brake pedal induces more regen before resorting to the power of the actual brakes themselves. With climate control off, I can hit around 28 to even 31 miles on a full charge—24 to 25 with climate on. Make use of iDrive navigation even if you know where you’re going, as it will help the propulsion management system determine the most efficient mix between power modes. Hopefully, these tips can push up your mileage a bit, but if you’re still getting such low mileage… then a trip to the dealer might be in order.


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You charging it to full? Miles are also based on rated, which is…well…boring and miserly style of driving.

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Definitely have it checked out if you are only getting 10 miles for a '21. My 2018 gets the prescribed mileage around 14 or 15.

I get about 0.20-0.25 a Kwh.

Usually on the 2021 530e I get about 15-17 miles. Cheap gas (no name, Arco) by me is around 4.15 a gallon and brand name (Exxon, Shell) is closer to 4.50.

One other thing - sign up for BMW Charge Forward. In some areas you get money back per hour charged and if you have a lower rate at certain points in the day, it can work automatically to charge only then.

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Sounds like I should be getting more than what I am getting. Going to have them take a look at the car. Will keep you guys posted


My experience is the range is as promised. I routinely get 20-25 miles everyday with half interstate. My commute is 20 miles and haven’t used any gas in weeks. Agree with the suggestion to have it checked by service.

Sounds like you should get yours checked out also. That’s really low compared to my 24-29