2020 XC90 T5 54,005 MSRP 15k miles sign and drive 35 payments of $579 for a 36 month lease

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
MSRP: $ 54,005 + wheel locks and front tint
Monthly Payment: $ 579
Drive-Off Amount: $ 0
Annual Mileage: 15k
MF: marked up 1 point :frowning:
Residual: 61%
Incentives: full tax credits 1.2% instead of 6.25%
Region: tx
Leasehackr Score:

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True 0 down deal 35 payments of $579 . Played all 4 DFW Volvo dealers against each other and got a great deal. Confirmed with one dealer that payment would only be $15 a Month cheaper if you worked at their Volvo store and if you Worked at a sister store it would be higher. Other than the mediocre engine this car is night and day better than qx60, MDX, RX-L. And holds its own against X5 and Q7.


What kind of discount / rebates did you get?

Looks like a great deal! Where in Dallas did you finally settle? I’m in Austin and would not mind trying to replicate that!

Good deal. I got the exact same thing on an S90 last year (within $3 actually!) and 15k miles and it was the best I could find. Similar MSRP.

On a sedan with a much lower residual that is a great deal. They are drop dead sexy too. I’ll try and get what my sales price was tonight. I also left a vm with my sales guy to see if I can give out his info. If so I’ll post the dealer, amazing sales guy and phone #

Good deal.

I am interested too if you can ping me the sales guy info when you have it.

Sorry guys can’t give out his info. Just gotta work everyone correctly. All I can say is don’t bother with crest.

Sales guy didn’t want to deal with us :joy:

Nice deal!
Is the T5 really that bad in the XC90?
Not enough power?


No it’s fine for 80-90% of people. Max torque is 258 is Available at 1500-4500 rpm. Plus a good transmission. It’s plenty quick

Great deal!! Can I know the dealership info??

4x2 Momentum I assume?