2020 X3 Deal Check

Hey guys - looking to do a deal check on a 2020 X3 sDrive Demo. Hearing a lot of noise around limited inventory, etc. for X5s but not sure if that also applies to X3s…

MSRP of $49k
Selling price of $39k (includes 1k incentive)
Milage: 4,000
MF: .00129
Miles / year: 10k

Are you kidding??? $600 payment on a 95K MSRP Vehicle? Would love to see the signed contract on this one. If not, calling BS.

Your calculator does not make sense. How can you have an X3 with MSRP of 90k+?

sorry had the wrong link copied - just refreshed.

Have you checked on Edmunds for MF/RV/Incentives for September? If the base MF hasn’t changed and is still .00099 then the dealer is marking your MF up. That would drop you around $20 a month. Also, you should break out the incentives from the selling price. It gives a clearer picture of the dealer discount you are getting vs what BMW is kicking in.

per Edmunds, base mf is still .00099.

Hey guys - yes thats right. MFis marked up but I’m okay with it if the overall discount pre-incentive (~20%) feels good, albeit this is a demo.

I would fight for buy rate but you should have a better feel about your negotiations. Just my 2 cents.

It isn’t pre-incentive when it has $1000 incentive included…

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It is 18% pre incentive. If you would lower the MF, that would be a sweet deal.

What I always compare with is the broker’s price on this forum. For an X3 demo, is around 16% pre incentive and the base MF. If the monthly payment is about the same, I don’t mind having a marked up MF or not. Being too aggressive in some regions (e.g., in the Midwest) might lose a deal.


“demo” - well, that explain it. 20% off a new car would be sensational. Not so much for a used one.

Pricing wise, this is about right for a decent deal on a demo unit.

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This is about 17% effective preincentive at base MF with 1k incentives removed from selling price, assuming that is all you qualify for… (Calc)

It seems like you’ve forgotten government fees as well. You might have room to push for another 500 off for a loaner pushing 5k but as others have mentioned, no need to spoil the deal if the car is what you want.