2020 VW Tiguan SE R Line Black (SoCal)

Hi everyone!

Based here in Orange County in SoCal and am headed to the dealer tomorrow to checkout a 2020 Tiguan SE R Line Black.

I have gotten a couple quotes so far on essentially the same car from multiple dealers with $0 das, 12,000 miles, around $400-440 pre tax. MSRP $32,000, $1,500 - 4,000 in discounts/incentives.

2020 VW Tiguan R Line Black SE 12,000/year 36 months

MSRP : $31,028
Adjusted Cap Cost: $28,000
Acquisition Fee: $595
Other fees (reg, title, filing, etc): $400
Residual: 49
MF: .0001
DAS: $0
Monthly payment: (pretax) $440
Credit Score: 690

Any insights on whether or not this is remotely a good deal? The dealer I am headed to tomorrow seemed hopeful for mid $300s pre tax.

Thanks in advance guys!

Have you figured out what incentives you qualify for and the base MF. I would not step into the dealership ever let alone not knowing that information. Without having that info your quote still looks really high relative to what you’re getting.

I was quoted a base MF of .0001 and a residual of 50, not fully sure on the exact incentives but I believe dealer cash is $1,500 at least.

Check Edmunds or autobytel. That residual is going to make a good deal tough. You need a much larger pre-incentive discount.

Do you mean a good deal on the buy out at the end of the lease? I agree on the pre-incentive discount as well. Any recommendations for what I should ask off the MSRP?

You can’t change the buy out/residual. Need to work on the selling price. I’ll let others chime in that are more familiar with this car.

Right, you said “That residual is going to make a good deal though.” I am wondering if you’re referencing the buyout price at the end of the lease, not if I can negotiate the residual.

Meaning it’s going to be hard to get a good deal on this car when the residual is only 50%

Thanks for clarifying!

Check how much discount you need for a mid 300 payment. If it’s unrealistic don’t go to the dealer at all. It’s always better to have the deal you want before you walk in.