2020 Volvo XC90 T5 Momentum deal check

Trying to get good lease deal.
I narrowed down 2020 Volvo XC90 T5 Momentum with Advanced Package, Multimedia Package, Upgraded Wheels, Polestar Chip and small addons.
MSPR: $60745
Cap Cost: $53600 (11.8% off)
Term: 36m/10k miles
Residual: 65%
MF: 0.00215 (which I found out later and should be 0.00169 instead)
Down: $1k (DMV fee + extra)
First payment through Volvo rebate: $636
Monthly payment: $636 (with taxes ~10%)
Note: With the correct MF rate monthly payment should go down to $585 after taxes.

I also have $500 extra off through truecar for leasing and there is Volvo $1k incentive from Volvo which dealer refused to apply. :confused:


  1. The dealer won’t add $1k Volvo allowance saying to doesn’t apply after discount. And that the discount already huge and this somehow hidden there. Is it true or dealer just trying to make money ?
  2. I received PIN with extra $500 off toward lease through truecar.com which says dealer can apply after all dealer discounts and incentives. Somehow dealer said no to this and the discount already huge…
  3. I also qualify for A-Plan. Does $750 bonus off can be applied after all discounts or only after A-Plan pricing (which is invoice price)?


The dealer is applying those incentives. They’re just rolling it into the discount to make it seem like they’re giving you more than they actually are.

A-plan locks you into their pricing. Can’t apply the bonus on deeper discounts anymore, so on most models it is pointless to use.

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Find another dealer and start with price before any incentives and buy rate.


Also what area are you in? Need zip code and basically very few dealers accept a-plan when you negotiate on your own. I had a certificate from penfed and the dealer did not accept it.

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A-plan can’t be applied on deals negotiated below the a-plan numbers. It’s not a dealer thing.


I did mine 3 weeks back. T-6 with 61075 msrp and 10 msd with 15k miles 36 months. Here is the deal:

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I’d personally do $0 down (roll that $1k into the lease in case totaled/stolen) and do MSDs to buy down the MF further by roughly $50 or so (ball park guesstimate based on my deal on a cheaper XC60… If you’re near CT and willing to do delivery there, my dealership was very straightforward and will tell you monthly over the phone once you send them location/deal details…

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Yes, you are correct A-plan is locking into the pricing.

Zip code 98034

Thank you. I think you are right about $1k down. this just to cover car registration and fee here in Seattle, WA area.
I thought to about MSD, but i don’t have in current situation $6k to put for MSD and i think I will keep the car after lease finish.

Long story short: I got the way better deal with other dealer.

Long story:
After negotiating price with all Volvo, Audi and Mazda dealerships around WA state. Spending 1 - 3 hours with each dealer over the weekend I was able to get a great deal over the phone pretty much.

Exp with Mazda:
Mazda didn’t want to go below MSRP for the 2019 CX9 GT which 260 days on the lot and website shows around $6k off. No words and good luck to them. Lease number about $5** with $1k down.

Exp with Audi:
Audi from autonation provided quick list of discounts and it was looking good. 1 of q7 was almost 20% off, but to do detail quote i need to come over. which was saying by all other dealerships as well. Was far away and I was next to other dealer.
Stop by at the neaerest Audi dealer and they offered 6% off and was the max. Their GM said good luck to me to find better deal than this and he couldn’t match autonation deal even close to it.

Exp with Volvo dealers…
All of them were just saying come and we will beat anybody deal…
0 quotes over the internet.
When I come over to dealer they starting from a triple of MF and low residual and from 0 discounts and from managers saying it’s impossible to get more than 10% off from the car.
To normal residual and MF and 16.5% off.

Honsetly all buying exp everywhere was kinda awful because all dealers were playing games expect the last one when i got the deal.

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Congrats! Sounds like the Lexus dealerships in the DC area still have your experiences beat! 3 of the local Lexus dealerships here required that I sign an “intent to purchase” form (Which doesn’t lock you into anything at all whatsoever) so that they can start detailing the vehicle before they tell you how much the car costs! You find out how much you pay in the finance department! You have to pick “which one you like the best” and can’t compare the pricing between two cars!

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which dealer did you end up working with, my lease is going to be up in 4 months and I might have to do the same leg work in WA state

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Volvo of Seattle.
Contact through true car and you can check if you can trade-in your current lease.

Wow. This is horrible! My friend had experience here buying corvette c7 from dealer. They didn’t allowed to test drive it and said buy first and then you can test drive it. You can return car if you didn’t like it… Turn around and went to next dealer to buy car.

Thanks will look around.