2020 Volvo XC60 Lease Quote

I am looking for a new SUV that I can get around the $450 a month range. I heard a lot of good things about Volvo and recently inquired about an XC60 from my local dealership. The monthly seems a little high though; is there any feedback anyone can offer. Thanks so much.

Your discount before incentives is pretty bad. You need to do some research to see what others in your area are paying before incentives.

Also if you are not dead set, maybe a V60CC instead? There are some sizzling hot deals provided by brokers

Is an XC60 doable equipped as you want based on the current lease programs, the incentives you qualify for, and the target pre-incentive discount you found from researching comparable, recent deals?

That is not a good deal imo

You are correct

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Research a target % off MSRP before incentives and then reach out to dealers with that range in mind. Somewhere around 14-16% off would be a good deal.

14-16% on a non-loaner Volvo is an unrealistic target

I was able to get 12% discount pre incentive from some dealers (not all) on initial quotes and able to get to 15% discount before incentives after negotiations earlier this month on an XC60, non loaner.

It did take a lot of reaching out though to multiple dealers. Brokers have 16% off xc60’s.

Most people seeing “'16% before incentives” are talking about without loyalty/costco/first responder, but rolling in lease cash/volvo allowance amounts.