2020 Volvo XC40


I am interested in reaching out to a Volvo dealer on leasing a loaner/demo 2020 XC 40 T5 Momentum. The car has about 200 miles on it, dealer MSRP breakdown below. Edmunds suggests you pay $39,810 but that’s assuming an MSRP of $44,270.

I am looking for suggestions on selling price. They have had the car for awhile, the pictures are from last summer. I was thinking somewhere around $35,000 but would love to hear other opinions.

Any thoughts on rv? I am looking to do a 36/12 lease

MSRP $40,405
Doc Fee$199
Accessories $2,692
List Price-$40,405

Further breakdown of cost
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)$35,700**
Premium Package$1,900**

  • Power Retractable Rearview Mirrors

  • Automatically Dimming Exterior Mirrors

  • Homelink & Compass Integrated in Rearview Mirror

  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with

  • Steer Assist & Cross Traffic Alert w/ Autobrake

  • Front and Rear Park Assist

  • Keyless Entry with Hands-Free Power Tailgate

  • Wireless Charging Pad

  • Convenience Package$600

    • 2-Zone Automatic Climate Control + CleanZone
    • 8-way, Power Passenger Seat w/4-way Power Lumbar
    • Removable / Folding Load Floor
    • Show All Package Items
  • Heated Front Seats & Heated Steering Whe$750

  • Protection Package Premier$460*

  • Destination Charge$995

  • Total Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)$40,405

What did edmunds give for rv/mf/incentives? I would have guessed that lease support for 20s had ended already.

Good question. This is the answer I got.

There are no Volvo finance lease programs for 2020 model year now but the dealer can lease through 3rd party bank.

I don’t know that I have ever seen a Volvo dealer that works with a 3rd party bank

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Oh, that might be a problem. Im new to the leasing game so I wasn’t aware that was an issue. I was trying to find one of the loaner/demo options that seem to be good deals from time to time. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It seems I might need to move on to something else.

I believe ally works with Volvo. Never really looked deeply into it.


The best place to start is

Please read links in there such as “how to calculate payments” and other helpful articles.

It might seem like a lot but TBH there are fewer <60 minute exercises which will save you so much time, money and anxiety over your driving lifetime.

It may also save you (after your negotiations with LH input) inside the finance office where no one can from the internet can really help you.

Remember, it’s almost impossible to reverse-engineer the math starting from the output (monthly payment) and figure out if it’s a good deal. Start at the beginning.


Reach out to the dealer FIRST before you give yourself a headache reading too much, and ask if it is even possible to lease it. They will likely say no.

You would have to look for a 2021. Cars marked as “Loaner/Demo” on Dealer websites may not necessarily be ready for sale. Definitely call the dealer to see if the loaner listed is indeed a loaner.