2020 Volvo XC 90 T5 Momentum

Trying to get a new car for my wife. She has wanted a Volvo for some time.

Here is the quote I received. Not sure how to work the calculator.

MSRP 54855
2020 XC 90
MSRP 54855
Selling Price 49953
MF .00189
63% residual
Due on Delivery 1167.50 (Advance Payments 673.66, Upfront charges 343.96, Total Cap Reduction 149.88)
Payment pre tax 612.42
Payment with 7% tax 673.66

I think the MF is marked up. Shouldn’t it by .00181

Sounds really high off the bat… Quentin aka @nyclife has a $52k 2020 XC90 T5 momentum for $361/month with MSD’s (💯 September, NYCLIFE, BEST Volvo Deals. S60 T6 279+tax, '20 XC90, 361+ tax [NY/NJ/PA/CT])

I assume the extra ~$2k is the advanced package, but even with that, I don’t think your monthly should be that high.

That difference in the MF is negligible

The issue is the selling price. Check your regional rebates. Should be 10% off at minimum pre rebates

I know the 2020 are just coming out so maybe the incentives are not as strong but 3 months ago I got a $65,000 XC90 T6 with 1500 DAS including 9% tax for 616 month. I would think you have more room in this deal. Maybe see if any 2019’s are left.

Did you check this thread?

2020 XC90 T5 Mom $52k MSRP $374+tax!!! Lots of inventory to choose from, different colors, all within the same few bucks MSRP!!

Thanks for the plug. Believe my numbers on these are the lowest.

I know your price is great. My issue is that I have a Honda lease return that I have to deal with at the same time. I have few payments left and am over mileage. It wouldn’t surprise me if I am 5000 over when the lease is up. Now, I am only 1000 over. A friend in the business ran the numbers and told me I am close to being even. So, he told me I am better dumping/trading it in now rather than make the remaining payments, the turn in fee and the over mileage penalty. He said it is unlikely to have enough equity to trade it in a few months and I would be forced to deal with a lease return.

Get a quote from CarMax/carvana/shift/vroom and see where you’re at. There’s no reason you need to trade it in through volvo