2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country negotiation

I’m going back and forth with a dealer for a 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country, knowing wagon deals are tough from what I’ve read here so far.

2020 V60 T5 Cross Country with Advance, Cross Country Pro, Harmon Kardon etc.
36/10000 mile

MSRP: $54,400
Sales Price: $46,900
MF: 0.00091
RV: 55%
Acquisition: $995
Doc Fee: $150

DAS: $0 everything rolled in, no deposit, first payment also covered by Volvo
Payment: $661.17 after tax in WA State

I know per edmunds that the MF needs to go all the way down to .00041, and I’m working the dealer to get this car there. Would this be a good deal or should I just start chatting with brokers now/give up the wagon dream? This is my third dealer contact for one of these rigs and the first one that’s got me posting it here as the other quotes have been outrageous.

What are the incentives in the vehicle currently?

I would give up on a V60CC out west if this is the best offer

Then I’d expand your search to the V90 and consider a 2 year lease. Some regions(out west) have $12,600 in lease cash on the V90, which helps to offset the horrible residual

Check your zip on the volvo site


Thanks! The V90 is just too large for comfort in downtown Seattle. Would likely steer towards XC60 for city size. Been following your information for bench-marking purposes, great deals on your spreadsheet! I suppose shipping a vehicle way out this way may not make it cost effective though?


Ya know I was actually calculating the numbers as I wrote that.

I think I could still save you a good $2K all in

That’s assuming about a $1200-1400 shipping bill


As someone who desperately wanted a v60 and settled for an XC60, I’m pulling for you. That said, they lease terribly right now (even 6 months later).

I’m very happy with my XC60 fwiw, more than $200/mo less on the same MSRP v60, and when it’s up I’ll likely lease a V60.

Good luck!


Thanks! I have a few more months left on my current lease, and am going to keep looking at my options. Might DM you down the road to discuss. Appreciate your info!

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Going to start seriously considering this route as well since the V60CC math may not work out… Drove and XC60 today as well and definitely enjoyed it.


You bet

Wagons are always tricky…

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Mr. Jag-Wag would know

btw as I’m driving around Boston today/tomorrow/Mon could you please fix your weather and drivers? K-thx

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We melted all of the snow for your arrival!

Drivers…can’t help ya there :slight_smile:

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Hi there Zach, just wondering if you ended up going with the cross country V60, looking to lease one myself.