2020 Volvo v60 Cross country deal check

Hey hackers, Got some numbers from a dealer on a 2020 Volvo CC…TBH car has too many options for me but The foldable trailer hitch is a must so I’m kinda stuck, anyhow…advanced pkg, polestar, premium audio and trailer hitch.

MSRP: $54’455
Selling price: $46’138
Loyalty: $2000
Manufacturers incentive: $3250
MF:.00014 (4 MSD’s)
36 mo
10k miles

Drive-Off Amount: $1000.00 includes 1st Payment, security deposit, tax, license, title, doc fee
Monthly: $469.84 inc tax 10.25%

First question…had a challenge with the calculator, plugged in the numbers and couldn’t get to this exact deal.

Lastly wondering if I should squeeze more discount, I believe I’m around 9.4% discount excluding incentives/loyalty

There is only ~$5 difference in the calculator. Maybe your gov fees are slightly higher than $400.

It’s CA, so they definitely are more than $400.

To the original question, if the RV/mf/incentives check out, this doesn’t look like a bad deal given the current market. You can probably fight for a little more discount, but 9-10% in so cal seems to be approaching the ceiling at the moment.

Don’t forget the post sale rebate from bonus drive to take a bit more off.

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Thank you Matt, I haven’t heard about the post rebate From bonus drive, is that perhaps the $2000 loyalty or something else, if it’s something else do you knoyw how much that is on this car?

It’s $500 on Volvos right now I believe. Unrelated to the dealer. You’ll apply at allstate.bonusdrive.com after you take delivery and get a check in the mail in 8 weeks or so.

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Wow that’s huge, Thank you, I’ll check that link to see if it applies to SoCal region

It does. It isn’t region dependent. Also, the dealer will know nothing about it and isn’t involved I the process at all. It is done entirely after the fact, hence it being a post-sale rebate.

I’m pretty sure you need proof of a car that’s not a Volvo, and you mentioned you had loyalty - FYI.

Yes, those incentives are much nicer with a $47k MSRP. It seems that the foldable hitch is a standalone option. Is it just that you can’t find one equipped on a lower MSRP vehicle?

You do. Closest thing us non Midwestern have to conquest right now.

@neverhaveleased it’s hard to find one optioned at all, even in the North East. The V60CC has a towing capacity of like 1800 kg to my knowledge. So make sure that’s enough. We used to borrow a trailer from our neighbors for camping so I tried to find a loaner with a hitch, I couldn’t find one new myself.

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Correct, it is stand alone but I can’t find it on a lower MSRP vehicle.

Have you considered a much cheaper one and just adding a hitch?

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Good call sir, I have, the challenge is super low inventory to begin with, the great majority of the cars left in Cali are ice white & crystal metallic white, literally one color that I like and it’s Loaded to gills