2020 Volvo V60 CC Loaner 36/10k Lease for $275 per month, DAS $275+ 2 MSDs

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Volvo V60 CC AWD
MSRP: $48,100.00
Monthly Payment: $278.10
Drive-Off Amount: $290.66
Annual Mileage:10,000
Residual: 51.59%
Incentives: $5,750 lease bonus, $2,000 Costco, $500 loyalty, $750 lease retention bonus (in place of A-plan)
Region: South
Leasehackr Score: 14.7years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Nice deal. Congrats!

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Damn, beat mine. Congrats! How did you stack A plan on a loaner?


Great job!

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They gave me lease retention bonus equal to the A-plan bonus to appease me :slight_smile: But without the A-plan they were not bulging.

That is what makes your deal better than mine, I commend you for getting the dealer to do that! Can’t hate, appreciate!

Again dude, congrats, I’m assuming DMV area, or are you further south?

No, it is in the Piedmont in NC :smiley: Also perfect timing, my S90 lease date is the 26th, so I can just barely do the 9-month pull ahead on Saturday to cash in the Costco rebate. Will miss my S90 though and the head-up display(339 per month on a 36/10k), but I am getting heated rear seats as an extra and my tires are in terrible condition (just waiving the disposition fee + cost of tire replacement saves you about $1.5k).

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You didn’t sign yours, did you?

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Congrats! Mind giving a quick walkthrough of how ya got it done? I’ve got a line on one exactly like this in the same region. Working with sales manager and he can’t believe I’d be so bold as to try and negotiate selling price, pre-incentives. Kept giving me prices with incentives baked in. Basically told me to buzz off when I clarified (for the fourth time) what I wanted to do. Anyway, any tips?

The young people these days. A girl smiles at them and they think they fell in love. He saw a deal On paper and he is acting like the car is in his garage.

My experience is sales guy will never ever tell you selling price before incentives. For that reason I first negotiate all incentives I qualify for, then make sure they know I know the base MF and RV and then ask for a lease quote for a new car requesting some discount between 5-10%. After I receive the quote(if the MF and RV are correct and there are no exorbitant acq or doc fees) I am figuring out the dealer discount. In this case it was 7% for a brand new car, so I next countered with a request for 15% off MSRP for a loaner. Usually if they dont give you more than 5% discount initially, you are not going to get 15%+ discount on a demo/loaner. Of course, I tried like 7 different dealers before I got lucky with this one.


Awesome, thanks. Nice technique!

One I’m after has 4K miles and has been on the lot for 300+ days. My approach was to cold email sales manager with MF, RV, and selling price I’m targeting. Totally polite. No dice. I’ll have to try your approach next time.

I think I may have found the one you picked up. [edited]. Wonder if sharing the VIN with a salesperson might help.

How can they stack loyalty and retention? Isn’t it usually one or the other?

I have no idea, I just insisted on my A-plan bonus of $750 and they said, OK, we will apply then $750 lease retention bonus. Not sure if it was applied at all or they just gave me further discount to secure the deal.

I wouldn’t share the VIN and location, not until I sign up all docs on Saturday. I put 2k deposit down, but you never know…


Understood. Last q: What would you have done if they didn’t have another V60CC in stock?

There is a 15% discounted V60 CC demo up in North Haven, CT , so I would have asked for quote and leverage it with the local dealers.

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Some BS that the dealer came up with. They just gave him another $750 off, but may have moved numbers around also.
Granted, there was XC60 retention bonus before, but you didn’t need to fight for it and it had nothing to do with a-plan.
He fought for a-plan bonus which cannot be used on loaners.

But great deal, so who cares.

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Total incentives in NE are lower, so their quote would be higher. No leverage there, other than pre-incentive discount if you didn’t get the same locally.

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This is also very important - not to try to move one specific dealership to your number but rather cast a wide net.

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