2020 Volvo S60 T6 Momentum deal check

Could you please provide feedback on an 2020 Volvo S60 T6 Momentum.

What incentives are included in that discount amount?

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Is that the right residual value for a 2020? I believe it should be around 53% and not 61%? MF seems higher than what edmunds indicates.

If payments are $409 with $899 down and everything rolled in (no trade/additional cash) looks like a decent/good deal off the bat. Do you have loyalty or conquest rebate?

RV and MF are both incorrect, confirm them with edmunds for your region. Other than that, discount seems solid from what I’ve experienced shopping the same car.

Hard to say that without knowing the incentives that are being rolled in


agreed. There is a $4500 incentive on S60’s in most regions this month, if that is baked in then his discount is really only like 8%…pitiful

Even worse if there is conquest (not sure if there is conquest this month still) or loyalty hidden in there too

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No loyalty. I have an Infiniti Q50 sport.

I’m now interested in 21 XC60 T6 Momentum, climate package, premium package, 20 inch double spoke alloys, onyx black, charcoal. Would it be possible to get into for $440 including MA Tax with a total of $800 out of pocket? I have no lease loyalty just straight dealer discount. One I’m looking at is a demo with 3200 miles. 796 credit. Email work’s best.

Give the current lease programs and your personal situation, what % pre-incentive discount is required to get you to that price target?

15% discount. I have an Infiniti Q50 Sport loaded with 3 months to go on the lease.

Is that discount realistic for a new XC60? What does your research show?

Yes especially for a demo.

Then make the dealer an offer at 15% off MSRP. Where are they currently at?

12% off. Are you aware of any other discounts? Costco?etc.

You’re certainly not going to get there on a new one. On a loaner, you’d need 17%+ most likely after the mileage penalty. Not unheard of, but going to a be a challenge for sure.

No clue about discounts on new or loaner Volvos.

How much in lease cash/Volvo allowance is being applied?

$1500 lease cash

I would reach out to @Bostoncarconcierge he has some pretty decent past Xc60 deals.