2020 Volkswagen Passat Launch - US

Well its been more than 8 months from the first look of 2020 Passat displayed on the Chicago Auto Show. There were also these prototype videos somewhere from VW’s hidden lots located in AZ where people test drive n all sort of crazy things. I had read numerous review and blogs which suggested the launch date for 2020 Passat of “Early Summer”. Now we are here in Oct 2019, yet there is no word about the new Passat.

I still recollect the new redesign Tiguan was launched in EU and UK long before the US market. It was almost like additionally 6 months for the new shape to be available here in the US. I had spoken to many dealers at that time, they could see the new redesign inventory but could not do anything.

How long to you think its gona take for the new Passat to launch …most of the dealers have got rid of the 2019 Passat. Is this a good indicator ?

Any insider news ?

Interesting read: https://www.thedrive.com/new-cars/25329/first-drive-driving-the-2020-vw-passat-at-the-volkswagen-arizona-proving-ground

The real question you should be asking yourself is, why would you want a rehash of the old NMS design? The 2020 Passat will only come in 2.0T guise and with no MQB architecture. It’s clear that VW isn’t pumping any real resources into it anymore.

The new Camry and Accords present far better options. I used to love the Passat. Now, after years of stagnation I just don’t see the point.


Yeah the only thing “new” is the sheet metal, nothing to get excited about, unless you can hack it for under $200!

Well there are many aspects where VW pushes back the Honda and Toyota cars. We can keep talking about the Safety Standards, Build Quality, Leather interior, soothing engine sound, tremendous reduction in external noise, price tag when compared to other EU brands.

I like the new exterior firm lines on Accord however the engine sound is like someone clicking on the mouse non-stop. Camry has no turbo so there you go. Comparing stats VW has more room on the rear seats and cargo with similar mileage

The xta’s on 2020 is addition to some technical features as standard, new design on interior and some changes on the back. Overall its not about btch Passat but looking for the new launch…

I was told Dec/Jan arrival in showrooms by LA dealer.

Despite the relative lack of innovation, at least the Jetta’s tranny issues will not be coming to the Passat for 2020.

Ideally summer/fall is good time for sales …not sure generally sales are low in dec

Why would they do that …just wondering

I think they have been focusing on developing other models. Passat may even be on way out (just conjecture on my part), as another MQB based crossover is coming out of Chattanooga, Atlas Cross Sport. For better or worse, VW is playing catch-up with regards to the USA’s SUV/crossover fetish, and it wouldn’t shcok me if the Passat is ultimately a victim, given the size of the latest Jetta and introduction of the Arteon.

Thanks JSoCal i got similar updates from NJ dealers, they are quoting dec. Looks like the SUV marketing is picking up compared to sedan.

However i feel the compact SUV has much smaller trunk space compared to the Mid size sedan which in turn comes out to be same price. Let see how good the new passat will be.