2020 Volkswagen Golf

Officially introduced:

Massively more electronically complicated, including car-to-car communication. What could wrong on a VW??? :grimacing:

This does absolutely nothing for me.

85% of what you see will not work after ~100k miles.


I think you’re being generous.

What’s even more horrifying is that the virtual cockpit is STANDARD. Ugh. And, from what I can tell, no hard control for the climate controls. Yikes, yikes, yikes.

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I have some sort of strange fetish for really nice analog gauges. I really dislike the move to digital. Then again, I have an S2K and the Accord has a digital tach/info screen so maybe I don’t :rofl:

The only reason I like the new Caddy CT4 is the really beautifully detailed gauges.


Compare that to the prior disaster that was the ATS;


So? I’d only plan to keep it for 36,000 miles. Tops.

I’ve always liked the Golf interiors - simple and straight forward and this is a nice step up HOWEVER…I’m concerned that I can’t see a volume knob? I know the existing one is equally infuriating given the symbol on it moves with the knob rather than staying put and the knob moving around it…but still. Haven’t they learnt anything from Honda!?

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That’s probably true for every brand with a digital dashboard

I think many of us do. One thing that has always turned me off to US cars, in general, is how sh*tty the gauge cluster looks, even on the luxury makes (like Cadillac).

Probably b/c there isn’t one! :stuck_out_tongue: Or, there isn’t one, AFAIK. At least you have the ones on the steering wheel (I assume).

It’ll be interesting to see if the interior fit and finish continues to be excellent. Hard to tell from the official pics (of course), but, given the vast expanses of plastic, it’s gonna be a depressing place to be, if the quality of the plastics have gone down. But at least you have beautiful ambient lighting to distract you… (I have a thing for ambient lighting and wish my Sportwagen had… any).

That’s GM parts binning to the extreme. I really wish I could figure out what gauge cluster that originally was found in…

Also the interior of the new golf does nothing for me too. I prefer dedicated radio / hvac controls with buttons instead of having to poke around a touch screen.

I do think the new golf looks quite handsome from the outside and the color is quite striking (in a very good way).

We’re only getting the GTI and R in the US market anyway right?

I think that the wagon and the all trak are for sure dead. GTI and R are locks for the US market. I wonder if the eGolf is also going to get killed or not.

It’s been done…


There clearly are physical buttons for the climate control and volume although their arrangement is odd to say the least.

So they are rocker switches? Yuck



I don’t even think they’re rocker switches (which I’m actually totally fine w/). I think they’re dedicated capacitive “buttons” (horror).

If they’re going to make them capacitive "buttons, I rather they be on the center console, rather than the dash or touch screen (I have short arms, and I think even people w/ long arms still would have to lean forward).

The font on the Analog of the ct4 still screams Chevy to me, however vastly improved from the Ats and similar XT5

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