2020 Velar quote - Opinion?

2020 Velar 250 S - Appreciate your suggestion on the quote. I definitely think it is not the final / best price that the dealer is offering.

Crap deal but nobody is giving good deals due to the pandemic and lack of inventory.

With JLR you’d better off waiting 3/4 months for when we actually have inventory to give away.


I thought due to pandemic, sale is down therefore more inventory available.

There’s a large thread in the forums discussing this, but car prices are going up because factories had been shut down so inventory dried up. Supply and demand.


My favorite time of the year - the inventory give-away sale…

I received my 1200 stimulus check and went to lease a land rover the next day! I will be able to make payments thanks to the 600 unemployment checks…

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Did your wife divorce you and took your kid(s) with her?


No, we broke a sales record last month for gross and did above pre-pandemic volume.

We just don’t have cars to aggressively discount. I think I have 4-5 Velars left (I usually stock 35-50).

Don’t be silly. As a family, we agreed we would let each family member full discretion over how they would spend their Trump bux.

My wife said she would put hers in the savings account to help pay for the mortgage.

My two boys said they would put theirs in a college savings plan.

I said suckers, I cancelled the mortgage payments for 6 months and colleges are closed forever and online is free, so I headed to the dealership and signed a lease.