2020 V60 T-5 R Design Lease evaluation

Let me know what you guys think about the below deal on the brand new 2020 V60 T-5 R design for a 36/12k lease? There aren’t any within a 300+ mile range in my area.

10k discount = $750 A-Plan, $3,750 lease cash and $5,500 dealer contribution.

The car is in Atlanta and the dealer is including the shipping cost of $820 to NJ in the price. MF is 0.00002 and no MSDs upfront. The monthly payment includes everything rolled in.

Check out recent V60 deals (and @Benedetto’s sample V60 deal)
Edit: not awful for 36 months, $500 jumped at me lol
How do they give you $750 a-plan on 11% discount?It is limited to invoice selling price.

For whatever it is worth, i have seen local brokers here with v60cc in the 300s and low 400s. If you are sold on the v60 vs. the CC, i agree, scarcity might be worth it here. I know there is decent stock of V60CCs at several jersey dealers. but if this is the car you want, i think these prices are good. nice work!

I’m not a fan of the plastic cladding on the CC ( which you are right there are plenty of those) and like the R design much better. All the broker deals that are in the 300 that I have seen are for 10k with $1500 down + tags + taxes + broker fee and then the shipping cost which basically puts me at almost exactly the same price.

I can point you to dealers in VA or MD with two new and one loaner R, if that’s what you want. It will save you on shipping, though dealer fees are high in VA. There are also some Inscriptions.

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I can give it a shot if you don’t mind sharing the information. Thanks