2020 V60 CC Deal Check

Oregon deal check. Seems like they are low balling me on pre-incentive discount but would like the forum’s feedback.

The selling price in the calculator includes $1,288 in trade in equity.

First time poster here so would love advice on how to go back to the dealer asking for more.

So $1,500 discount only? I know PNW has a crush on wagons but this isn’t ideal chief. 12% pre-incentive discount seems the golden rule for Volvos, even for Oregon I imagine you at least can get something like 10%.

Also try maximize your equity by quoting others. I doubt a Volvo dealer gives you the best value.

This is probably a bit aggressive given the current market, but definitely in the right direction.

Yikes, I know it’s a totally different region (I’m east coast), but these V60’s could be had for well under $400/mo last month with $0 DAS. At minimum, you can push for a much better pre-incentive discount. Unless it’s a rush, I’d wait to see what incentive August or September brings.

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