2020 toyota tacoma 4x2 access cab 4cyl($215+tax)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 toyota tacoma 4 cyl

Location: los angeles

MSRP: 26,000
Monthly payment (pre tax):$215

Current mileage: 50-75
Lease: 42 months
Remaining: 38 months
Miles allowed: 10k per year

This post is for my friends dad who got the tacoma but now doesnt really have a use for it as his son gave him another car hes using. Its been sitting brand new in front of his house for a few months with limited driving of it.

Cash due (if any): only transfer fee


I’m very interested. Let me know if it’s still available.

I live in NorCal, but I work in SoCal.

Bump. Still available other person back out.

Does this have 4wd?

Are out of state transfers allowed?

Bump bump. Great deal if anyones interested

Car is still available and has almost no miles. Payment is super low

Bump bump

@Nathanrabie13 please put monthly payment in the title. Or let us know if this has been transferred.

The payment is 215+tax it is still available