2020 Subaru $750 Rebate

Not sure if this should go under this category but I saw on a Subaru forum today that Chase Bank is giving current Chase customers $750 off a new Subaru. It’s good until the end of March so here is the link.
Always good to have in your back pocket when trying to negotiate a lease deal IMO.


Thanks for sharing this! Am just about to sign for a Subaru. Is this the kind of thing that it makes sense to “hold back” until after you’ve negotiated the sales price I assume? Thanks again!

Definitely wait until you’ve negotiated the sales price down to the bare basement price they’re willing to give you. Then slap this bad boy on em’…best of luck share your deal on here when you sign!!

That’s what I figured! Thank you!! 2 years ago I got a 95/mo Chevy Cruze that I was pretty proud of. Those deals don’t seem to be as common anymore, but hoping I can get somewhere decent on the subie. Thanks again for sharing this - wouldn’t have known about it otherwise :slight_smile:

Always happy to help a fellow subaru lover!

Somewhat separate question here, but: do you know if I sign in February but take delivery in March if the March incentives can apply (if they’re any better?)

Whatever month you sign in is the month you’re locked into, in terms of incentives. You can risk it and wait until march but the MF, RV and incentives are all subject to change and not even the dealers know what they are going to look like.

Can the code be used at a different dealership than the one you select?

I am not quite sure about that

Wonder if this stacks with the $500 loyalty coupon?

According to the fine print it does. Also according to my loyalty coupon that I have, it can also be combined with other offers so in short…yes they stack

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trying to lease my 5th subaru but getting horrible deals for outback limited. Any know if there are better deals in March?

Deals don’t come out till later tonight, will most likely be posted over the next few days, keep and eye out. Go the the edmunds forum and ask for MF and RV. start emailing dealerships and get the ball rolling.

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Has anyone actually tried to use this coupon for a new lease? I got my coupon and noticed that on the bottom it states:

“Subaru will provide a $750 coupon to select current Chase customers who purchase a new 2019 or 2020 model year Subaru vehicle from a participating retailer’s inventory by March 31, 2020”

Don’t know if this would work for a lease as i don’t know if it would qualify as a purchase. Also it let me get the coupon without proving i was a chase customer which i am not. Might have to do some more exploring on this one.

The fine print at the bottom of the page where you fill out the coupon form provides in part:

"This offer may be used in conjunction with low rate financing offers or special lease offers from Subaru Motors Finance^ (SMF).’

This seems to indicate if might be applicable to leases. Hopefully someone will find out soon if it applies to leases.

I did talk to Chase and it does indeed apply to leases as well as purchases. In regards to you not being a current chase customer I would email some random Subaru dealership to inquire about that because if you can use it, you want to keep that in your back pocket until all the negotiating is done so don’t ask anyone at the dealership you’re shopping at.

I used this coupon on a 2020 Crosstrek Limited lease yesterday. Unfortunately it didn’t stack with my military rebate but I’m pretty sure it will with loyalty. It was my first Subaru so I didn’t get that, but the extra $250 (military would have been $500) I got just for checking this site before going to the dealer was a pretty nice bonus. Thank you for posting.

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Thank you for sharing!

I also just used it on a lease deal. No issues and I honestly didn’t remember ever having a chase account. I actually just opened up a savings account a couple days before hand just in case.

Any confirmation that this coupon’s expiration date was pushed from 3/31 to 4/30?