2020 Silverado high country

I’m new to the forum. I would like to know what you think about this deal on a 2020 Silverado high country

Down payment:$1500
MF: .00130833
39/12 $589 without tax (7%)

Thanks in advance

Selling price? Is that $1500 down or $1500 due at sale?

Told me that the MSRP is the selling price since I was already getting $3000 in rebates. And it would be $1500 down

Tell the dealer to go f- himself, should be at $1k below invoice


You should be around 52,000 selling price before the rebates. 50,000 if you’re feeling extra saucy on an end of the month or year deal, but I wouldn’t necessarily count on that. No dealer discount is laughable.

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Tell him that next time he should buy you dinner first before trying to screw you like that


Are you in Florida, NorCal, SoCal, New York, New Jersey, or somewhere else? I’d suggest editing your tags to simply Chevrolet and whatever state you do happen to live in.

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Done. I’m in Florida

Thanks for the input. That sounds a lot more reasonable

Do you know what rebates they are including? Theres a $1500 non-gm lease incentive if you currently have another lease that’s not gm. 52-53k selling price before rebates should be within reach. It’s a brand new model so lots of dealers aren’t incline to give that much of a discount. I just purchased, not leased a 2020 Sierra SLT today.

$55,560 sticker
$5400 dealer discount
$8500 rebates

$41,660 plus ttl

Hope this helps

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The rebates were $1500 for comp lease, $1000 market cash, and $500 auto show.

Thanks for the input

Rebates on leases and purchases are always different for General Motors

If you have a Costco membership at least start with their auto buying program which has way better deals. Plus you wouldnt have to deal with the front line sales reps and their games.

All it gives you is supplier pricing. It isn’t hard at all to go supplier pricing and certainly doesn’t give “way better deals” as you say it does

Way better than MSRP which is what he posted.

Simply getting below MSRP isn’t very much of an accomplishment on a GM truck

Nevermind just saw Florida… the incentives seem similar on 2019 and 2020 high country trims. The programs don’t seem that different either. Perhaps a 2019 could be a better play in terms of a higher discount? Aren’t they pretty much the same as the 2020?

The nuts and bolts of the Costco/Supplier program just seem to be an extra VIN or at least trim specific amount of CCR that can be stacked with an additional discount. Gotta get a price and see if you can squeeze out more mentioning Costco/Supplier afterwards.