2020 S60 T6 Momentum Deal Sheet

46k MSRP S60 T6 Momentum New

  • They did not provide a breakdown of the numbers even though it was requested

  • They applied a loyalty rebate and did not verify loyalty. Is this commonplace? Would this be something they would verify prior to drawing up the lease agreement? Is there risk in signing a contract like this when a loyalty rebate is applied but not verified?

  • Do you agree this contract reads as 320/month with 320 DAS for a 36/10k term?

Yes. He put a 1k deposit? So they will refund the difference between the first month das, and the deposit. That’s my interpretation, although is this a good deal is another question.

You can get a 49k demo r design t6 for 20/month more, but this looks in line to what a broker has for a similar new car.

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Volvo is going to require loyalty to be proven when he signs. If he can’t prove, his DAS is going to include paying the loyalty rebate amount out of pocket or canceling the deal.

Otherwise yes, this looks like $320 DAS to me.

Quick question for you Matt - the CA originally told him he would have to be a current owner to qualify for loyalty (6 months per Ursus). My friend then told him he sold his C70 volvo in April of 2019 and provided an insurance document. The CA then responded with I have provided this to our Volvo Car USA rep and he has confirmed this loyalty will be approved. Something not kosher going on? Or is CA probably lying knowing that as soon as he signs this contract he will have to prove loyalty and the contract will be null and void?

It’s 6 months

Why the hell would they make it null and void, then they might have added miles to the car, titled it, god knows what, plus the ramifications Volvo cars USA might impose on the dealer.

If the dealer is willing to extend the loyalty offer 8ish months beyond normal, don’t think about it.

Cool, so looks like a standard deal for this car from a dealer who is willing to budge on the validity of the loyalty. However they’re doing it, he won’t question it

If they can make it work and have it approved, no worries. If they come back and ask for more money, give them the car back.

@HersheySweet, I don’t see any brokers here with anything close to 320/mo and basically 0 drive off- why do you think this isn’t a great deal? And where did you see this demo deal? I may be interested…

I didn’t say it wasn’t, I simply explained the contract to what I understood, and asked to slow down and break down the #s to determine if it is so.

The demo deal is 356/month with loyalty 0 down + tax. Via a broker, NYCLIFE out of NYC.

Add your tax rate, for your actual payment.

If OP has Costco and is open for wagon a $46k V60CC is a good option. DC VA and MD area have $5750 lease cash offer . Thanks to @Ursus help I got an an offer for my friend around $330/m with first payment DAS in few volvo locations but unfortunately he changed his mind and wants to stay with Honda.