2020 RDX A-spec lease advice

Trying to determine how realistic I am being. Live in FL. Want to turn in my old RDX. Dealership sent me a mailer, I am also within 6 months so they said they could pull it forward. MSRP is $45,425, I have a costo discount of $4119 and they told me incentives and cash back would apply so there is $3125 dealer incentive, $3k loyalty, and $500 incentive from the dealership mailer. I expect a purchase price of $34,681 ($45,425-4119-3125-3000-500). Am I calculating this correctly? Should i be more aggressive on the price? I am trying to get the purchase price down so I can get as close to a $350 per month payment with minimal down. Thanks for your advice.

I would head to Edmunds to gather info first so you have all the details.


As @scupra points out you should spend 5 minutes on edmunds.com (see link below) to request the current MF, RV and incentives available for your specific vehicle and region. You post a customized version of the following question and wait for a response (usually less than one business day): “Dealer zip code 98765. 36/10k. 2020 Model AWD. Please share the latest MF, RV and incentives.” Note: you need to provide a dealer zip code where you plan to negotiate the deal plus year, make, model, and drive.


Follow the link and on your right hand side you will see where you can browse the forum for your specific make and model - you need to find the dedicated make/model forum to post your question. Search your specific forum and you will see lots of people posting similar questions.

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Sorry, I did gather that info but I was totally focused on selling price. Here is what they gave me - incentives are good through 7/6 which I have to wait until tomorrow to hit the 6 months for the pull forward.

00215 MF and 57% residual
$3125 incentive

$3000 loyalty

There’s no pull ahead program on hot RDX model, they will bake your 6 remaining payments into a new lease.

Just put down a hot dog. Before I can chime in I have a question. Dealer coupons can be treated one of a few ways in a deal, it depends on the coupon. Can you post the coupon (please black out personal and dealer info). I am just interested in the language on the coupon.

Interesting, they told me Acura would waive 3 payments and the dealership would waive 3.

That sounds like there is a 3 month corporate pull ahead and the dealer will roll your last 3 payments to the new lease.

Also the coupon is expired.

Quote from DEALER aspec1 post month ago: Right now the only car NOT eligible for pull ahead is the RDX. Every other car does qualify for the pull ahead program and can be pulled ahead as far out as 6 months. The way the program works is 3 payments get truely waived by Acura and the other payments get paid into the next lease or if you want to pay for them upfront you can do that as well.

TLDR: Costco Negotiated Pre-Incentive Discount: 9.1% (most important # you negotiate)

I am starting to sniff around a RDX deal for later this year. I haven’t done all my homework but I know enough to be a little dangerous. Here are my observations I will share to get you thinking about your deal in a slightly different way.

First, the way you are evaluating your selling price conflates the 3 critical sources used to lower the cost of the lease. You won’t see your selling price of $34,681 on your lease contract. More importantly, the best way to know you are getting a good price is to break your deal into three parts:

  1. $4,119: What discount do you want from the dealer. This comes out of the dealer’s pocket. MSRP minus Dealer’s Discount equals PRE-INCENTIVE SELLING PRICE. This is the only thing you are negotiating. Well, you are not even negotiating the dealer discount because Costco has done it for you. GOOD DEAL = A good pre-incentive discount. Look at past deals posted here to see if Costco negotiated a good discount. This is the most important step in evaluating your lease.

  2. $3,125: Direct-to-Dealer Incentives. Acura’s lease program is designed with a healthy discount built into the deal. Your dealer gets these funds directly from Acura, make sure they put it all in your deal. GOOD DEAL = Make sure the dealer gives you full $3,125.

1 & 2 will give you the selling price you should expect from the dealer. 45,425-4,119-3,125= $38,181.

  1. $3,000: Direct-to-Consumer Incentives. This belongs to you, you just need to make the dealer aware of all the incentives you qualify for. College Grad? You get more money from Acura. 1st Responder? More cash. Go to the Acura website all click on the “current incentives” link.

So steps 1-3 are how you pay for the car (or in the case of consumer incentives you can also use them to reduce/eliminate DAS).

The other critical piece for a good deal is to make sure the dealer applies the buy rate MF. In your case Acura offers 0.00215. In this number Acura has given you a 0.00010 discount for being a loyal lessor. Make sure your deal is written at the buy rate. The MF is a secret profit weapon for dealers. In this weird 5 digits after-the-decimal-place figure the dealer can build in a little more profit in your deal. PAY ATTENSION to the MF in your deal.

Using the LH calculator on an Acura deal can be a little tricky so here are some tips:
Calculator INPUT:
Selling Price â–ş Really should say Pre-Incentive Selling Price: MSRP-Deal Discount ONLY 45425-4119
Untaxed Incentives: Direct-to-Dealer Incentives 3125
Taxed Incentives: Direct-to-Consumer Incentives 3000

To get you started I input the figures to calculate your PRE-TAX monthly payment (assume you will capitalized acq fee). You need to input the figures to calculate your DAS and sales tax figure.

Good luck.

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What’s the Costco offer for Acura? Looking for RDX AWD w/ Tech Package. When I go to Costco site and select the RDX for leasing its says “see dealer”. I have not used the Costco discount before when leasing.

Thank you for detailing it for me. I went to the calculator and put more info in. $350 is probably not reasonable but $400 with minimal down might be if I can get another $1,000 off the selling price - will do more research on that one since they have a lot of inventory right now.

I figure i have nothing to lose - I have 6 months left and then I can turn it in and change to any car. Trying to walk out with a new one without much out of pocket or increased monthly, $50 would not be too bad. :slight_smile:

When I registered on the Costco Auto program they gave me info for a local dealer who gave me the Costco pre-negotiated price. The dealer said it included leasing.

Dang it, missed the fine print. I will bug them to honor it since they made me wait 2 weeks - lol

Thanks! I’ll try it out now.