2020 Range Rover velar p380 r dynamic deal!

Looking fir some feedback should
I snag this car ?

What’s the MSRP? I can virtually guarantee that discount is bogus which means the “market value selling price” is not MSRP.

What’s the RV, MF and incentives from Edmunds forums?


Take it. I had one as well until 2 months ago. Leased the first build. This is a great deal.

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Msrp is 85,363
Rv 53%
Mf .0001

5500 dealer cash

Ah I see what ur saying. I’m gonna ask what “market value selling price “ is compared to msrp

The “Market value price” appears to match the MSRP on the website, if I guessed the car correctly. There aren’t too many of them around.

Is around 10% off before dealer cash considered good on one of these, @HersheySweet?

Looks like a 2200 mile loaner

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Doc fee looks like Pennsylvania, but lease tax varies by county… could be 9, 10 or 11% of the monthly payment

This is better than what I will ever do on a p380 Velar. This is not my dealer but I know the car and the dealer and some people there.

This is all correct, that is base MF and that RV is different than what I have for a P380 @ 36 months and assuming ~2250 miles that is the correct adjusted RV.

I can confirm it is PA. My math makes it seem like a 10% sales tax area, or a MF markup.


so in short, good deal?

Yes. But registered in ny

Did I do good lol ?

Well looking at the build sheet listed below, it’s the only one in the eastern US I can find any where close to this relative spec. If you want it, you’re definitely getting a deal one can live with, it’s better than I’ve seen and I can’t touch it.
If you give me a zip code I’d be more than happy to make an accurate lease hacker calculator for you.

Post some pics when you get it, and lmk if you’re doing in person pickup / car delivery, cars relatively close to me so I could drop by and say hello. But I’ll say Byron is my favorite color in person so far.

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On what planet does it make sense for the freight charge on a Velar built in the UK to cost less than a Ford Explorer or Jeep Gladiator? :joy:


11234 kings ny

I would take it, Truck looks well equipped, and i never see p380 on the road

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It doesn’t lol