2020 Range Rover Sport lease return early (options?)

Disclaimer: New to the forum, first post and first time truly diving into the x and o’s of leasing. Need some feedback for some options I’m looking at. I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section of the forum.

Currently I have a fairly low mileage 2020 Range Rover Sport, lease expiring June 2022. Range Rover has been soliciting me to buy it back early. Offering 67k, payoff 61k. Problem is no inventory and would have to order another vehicle (want a Velar, local dealers are saying April at the earliest).
Considering the new 2022 Porsche Macan/Macan S. Local dealer saying Feb 2022 delivery.

Should I be asking for RV/MF at this point in the forums? Porsche dealer is asking me to send my builds and then said we can “work the numbers”. Would like my payment under $1000/month for either RR or Porsche. Appreciate the patience as I navigate this as a first timer.

Maybe a fairly base Macan (sub$60k) will be under $1k/mo.

Would it make sense to take advantage of the equity and put it down on a new vehicle that I would have to order? What’s the most beneficial way to approach the dealer in this situation? Other option is to wait but who knows what my equity situation will be months from now.


Put the equity down on a purchase never on a lease. I would also inquire about what options the Macan won’t have due to the chip shortages.

According to porsche it doesn’t seem to have any effect on availability of parts. Land Rover is another story…

Better option then to pursue a purchase with porsche and a lease with land rover? Seems the RV is higher on the porsche

I think both lease quotes will be high unless you’re looking for a bare bones model. Once you get quotes you can compare leave vs buy.

Remember that any equity the market has right now is also translating to higher prices for the new cars as well. The best plan is sell the car and wait several months. If you plan to sell / lease another you might be losing money. So just be careful.

Thanks forbs. The only issue is that we have only one car at the moment (range rover) that will need to be replaced next year. Worse case we will need another car during this current lease if wife changes jobs

Well the Jeep Willy and 4xe are REALLY popular for leasing, but you are coming from a Range Rover, so I doubt you will like that kind of build quality.

Costco is give $1000 off GM products, maybe something there for you.