2020 Range Rover Evoque R-Dynamic HSE - Residual Value and MF

Hello, what is the MF, residual value and lease or loyalty credits (if any) for a 2020 Range rover Evoque R-Dynamic HSE 1st Edition. Fully Loaded. MSRP $68,454.00. Sale Price $67,454.00.

Ask on Edmunds. Google “model name MF Edmunds” to find the appropriate forum. With a sale price that awful, the lease is going to be complete garbage

For a 39 mo lease with 0 down. Lease would be $961.

Assuming you’re in Boston.

I’ll smoke that deal and get you a fair deal on an RR.

Just need to sign before year end


Ok. Yes, I can sign before the end of the year.

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Shoot me a text @ 339-364-0356

Happy to help you out

Sorry, say I’m in Nebraska. That will probably make difference.

Fooled me with the username!

Boston Red Socks Fan.

Say, the dealer let me know the residual value is $37,650.00.

The dealer cannot adjust the residual value. It is set by the bank. Any alterations to it will cause the lease to be rejected

Ok. Are you able to help find out the MF?


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He already did…

55% residual on 15k
+2 points for 12k
+3 points for 10k
+4 points for 7.5k

.00016 base MF on 39 months :slightly_smiling_face:

Those numbers don’t look bad for a lease. Thought range rovers don’t lease all too well?

There are exceptions. We have strong residuals on the LR side but they are offset by minimal discount, basically no rebates available, and high-ish MF.

I thought LR/RR offered a 33 month option? No?

They do but he was asking about 39