2020 Range Rover Evoque First Edition Deal Check

Hey guys, I’ve been doing some research on this car for a while now, and have been talking with a few dealers.

I’ve received two quotes that I’m trying to compare with one another, however one of them has me scratching my head.

Looking at the above deal, when I plug these numbers into the calculator, I’m off by something like a hundred dollars when factoring in the $2235 downpayment. Seems like the stated payment is accurate with zero money down, so not sure if there’s a mistake in the quote.

Here’s the other deal which seems to check out in the calculator

I prefer the vehicle in the second deal, though would it be reasonable of me to try and ask for an additional $2000 off? (unfortunately missed last month’s incentive) or is it likely the incentive will return prior to months end? What do you guys think?

If memory serves me correctly, you are very much in Velar territory. Why not go with the bigger car?

The one dealership is claiming a 56% residual the other is claiming a 34% residual…what is the actual RV and MF that you found on Edmunds?

One is 56% the other is 54%. Edmunds has 56% for a new Evoque First Edition, and a base rate of 0.00001, though these are both loaners so I think the values have been adjusted (the one labeled 56% really seems to be around 52.38% in order to reach the Net Residual dollar value on paper). I know those values aren’t negotiable, but being that the discount and residual are greater in the first deal, I’m wondering if I can negotiate down the second deal’s selling price to get to a similar monthly payment (The second car has more than double the mileage of the first)

From what I had seen, the Velar would be a lot more expensive, though I may revisit it as an option.

Well it looks like their MF is marked up so I would try and negotiate not only that, but the final selling price too. The first one is %15 discount and the second is 14.6%, not awful on a loaner but most likely room for just slightly more discount. That security coding option sounds like a bunch of BS, remove it. The first one it also looks like you’re putting cash down, probably not a great idea…Leasing 101. The second one you’re not putting any money down?

Thanks for the suggestions. I was definitely going to strike off the security coding, though I’m very confused with the first deal, since the money down does not seem to be reflected in the cap cost reduction. According to the calculator, I should get something close to that ~$550 payment with 0 down. I was going to broach this with the dealer. Ideally, I can arrive at a number close to $550 with zero down on the second vehicle (I prefer the color), since it seems the first deal is already in that territory , I’m hoping to use it as leverage with the other dealer to get them to match the terms.

It looks like it’s covering fees/first month’s payment.

Although I’d love to know why they have the arrow itemizing out the upfront charges that includes the acquisition fee when it is already itemized on the breakdown.

That’s the $1682, the “customer cash/total cash and rebates” $2235.66 isn’t reflected in the “Total Cap Reduction” ($0) line and it says that amount is due on delivery. Does that look right?

$1682 + $553.66 = $2235.66

There’s nothing in the cap cost reduction because none of it is going to cap cost reduction. It’s just covering up front fees and first month’s payment.

They could have rolled all the fees in to the cap cost and then shown it as a cap cost reduction instead, but it’d be the same thing, just bookkept slightly differently.

@McLarenII 36 mo 12k 56% Residual MF (0.00001). We work with LR you can get the car though us if you’d like

Ah, I see, so really that’s the drive off amount and not a downpayment? That’s where I’m getting a bit hung up. If that’s the case then everything lines up.

It doesn’t really matter. $2200 due at sale is $2200 due at sale.

Roger that. I thought it was an additional $2235 in addition to the $1682 lol. Now it all makes sense.

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