2020 Ram 1500 Laramie .... good deal?

I am looking to lease a 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie crew cab that is night edition, has the advanced safety group as well as the laramie level 2 group

Found one that is a V6, this is the deal I was quoted, I confirmed with Edmunds that this is the correct RV and MF.

I’m thinking I can negotiate more off the selling price?

MSRP: 59000
Sales Price: 51000 (before incentive)
Taxed incentive: 2000
Gov Fee: 300
Dealer Fee: 400

If you get a ram please get the hemi

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Similar ones I find with the options I want all have MSRPs of 65k plus,
Is there something wrong with the V6?
Even though I would love the V8 Hemi

I have driven both and the v8 is just much more fun to drive. Honestly feels like the best truck engine it just goes. The v6 is underwhelming personally. I just think if your leasing it you should have some fun with it and get that v8 it will put a smile on your face everyday u drive it. Also the v8 should have a better residual

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I would definitely choose the v8 over the v6… just hard to find the deal, and I’m pretty sure the numbers are the same for any engine as long as its crew cab and 4x4

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I have the v6 and it’s fine . The mileage is good and you just need to gas it more to accelerate . I had a hemi before and it was faster . You should test drive both

There are sometimes different incentives for different engines with RAM. Your deal is nothing crazy or special, but it is a high MSRP RAM, and the higher MSRP ones generally don’t lease well. I would test drive both tho as I would rather have the better engine than some luxury features personally.

Add me to the list of people saying get the HEMI.
I’ve had one for 3 years and I still sometimes I stlll think to myself I can’t believe this acceleration is happening in a full sized truck. Plus if you ever have to tow anything, with any sort of elevation change, you’ll be wishing for that V8 power. A well equipped Big Horn with the HEMI is about $50K MSRP.

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