2020 Q7 or Q8 or X5


Ok started to look for a friend of mine for a q7 or q8. He would consider an x5 i guess but not preferred. Since q7 is new for 2020, is it best to go for a q8? What prices has anyone seen? Did a search but did not see many listed in forum. In addition, called a few dealers and they just starting back up and they barely get back to you. Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

Spend some time over in the Marketplace forum, there are lots of BMW and Audi brokers with deals posted, many with spreadsheets and the like that will give you a good idea of discounts and payments that can be expected.

Generally speaking BMW’s will lease better than Audi’s. Just because the Q7 has a new body style for 2020 doesn’t necessarily mean it will lease any worse than a Q8. The Q7 & Q8 are very different cars so I’d suggest seeing what your friend really wants, and whether he’s after a specific model (Q7 vs. Q8) or just the best “deal” (X5).

And calling dealers to solicit random quotes on random cars before you’ve done any research is a huge waste of time.

All 3 have had data points posted before

X5 will get you the best value. Q8s cost significantly more.

IMO Q8 is a horrible value. In its base form, it’s exterior aesthetic is really unimpressive.

You need to add on the p-plus black optic package for it to really look stunning, but then you are around $80k.

At $80k you could be in a v8 X5.

At the starting price of a q8 (ie. no options) you can have a nicely equipped X5 or Q7.

Personally, I find the Q8 (when nicely equipped) significantly more appealing than an X5.

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I don’t disagree, and I personally only like the X5 in m sport trim.

But, an m sport X5 starts around $67k, which is a bit less than a base, no option Q8.

The q8 with full black optic treatment is really nice, but it’s also really expensive and arguably a poor value. I feel the same way about an x6 as well.

Yeah thank you trusted hacker. Your input was very valuable. Glad you guys around.

I think Q8 is better than all of them but a nicely v8 x5 sounds interesting. My other friend has the v6 and that is a monster in sport mode to me. Problem i am seeing most dont even come back to you with a quote or no discount at all. Covid restrictions are in place unless you protest then covid not for you or any enforcement.

Either way will keep you all posted. Again, my friend does not care about the 1% rule just does not want to pay more than he should. Thanks for you input and if anybody sees anything any input is greatly appreciated.

Good, because it isn’t a useful tool for determining if something is a good deal and should die a fiery death

Depending on the car but i always look at it as a measuring tool. Thats my opinion. It is useful to at least stay close to it.

Except for all the times it isn’t.

My cvt 1% rule comparison is accurate.

@NY13 a 3% special order Range Rover Special Vehicle Operations Autobiography Long Wheel Base or whatever ungodly name they call it Is a steal, same with exotics, a 2% McLaren lease is solid, while a 3% BMW or Volvo will make us cry.

The X5 is going to be the easier car to get a steal on. You have the advantage of loaners, larger discounts on new inventory (generally), etc.

When home shopping, aim for $125 per square foot.

Don’t forget negotiating property taxes before signing the mortgage.

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Hehe ok ok fine. And when buying airplane ticket buy it at 10 cent a mile only. Can we keep it about the audis and prices people have seen?
The cars I lease and mostly jeeps last few years I keep them at below 1%. Would not pay 500 a month for a 44k msrp jeep. Again, monthly in relation to payment is a good measure to me. Exotics i dont care as they are out of my range. :slight_smile: