2020 Odyssey EXL w NAV/RES - Deal Review

Hey everyone,

After seeing a couple solid deals on Odysseys (16-18% off MSRP), I put some feelers out there to upgrade my current Odyssey that I can unload to Carvana for a $600 loss but I cannot get anyone any lower than this within 100 miles. If I could get another $1500 off, it is something I would pull the trigger on. Any Honda experts want to weigh in on if this is possible? I really hate to do the, “I can be there in 30 mins to sign if you drop the price $1500”, but that is all I have left it seems.

2020 Honda Odyssey EXL w NAV/RES
MSRP: $41,155
Selling price: $35,325, 14.2% off MSRP (includes $1k dealer cash)
MF: .00192
RV: 58% (12k miles/yr)
DAS: $0
Pretax payment: $501, checks out in the calculator

If this is the best one can do, pass on it.

Keep your current Ody for a while.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking at this point. Maybe COVID-19 will bring lower MFs next month.

One of the dealers sent me a text today asking me what it would take to make a deal. I told them $34k selling price would get it done, otherwise I am waiting a month. This would be 17.4% off MSRP, no dealer adds, pre-tax payment of $460. They countered at $34,750 (15.6% off MSRP, $483 pre-tax payment), and I said I am holding at $34k. Am I crazy for wanting to sign this and not waiting to see what happens with the COVID??

@max_g @chrishs2000

You are $750 off your target price.

Give it a day or something.

The only thing working against me is I have a Carvana quote expiring tomorrow for my payoff on a less well equipped Ody. COVID has me thinking a better deal is coming aka deflation :confused:

How is anyone supposed to predict the future, let alone your dealer’s perception of the future?

Maybe they expect pent-up demand to rebound quickly or maybe they don’t. Maybe they have lots of liquidity or maybe they don’t.


Honda stopped production so inventory will only go down. If it’s me - if I’m happy with the deal I take it. Maybe grind the remaining $750 off in person.


That seems like something that is doable.

The general rule is not to go into the dealer, but you could probably get the deal you want by showing up any being ready to sign for the $750.


I’m just gonna wait them out. Dealers here are offering at home test drives right now and all paperwork done at your front door. Crazy

Very odd.

Just had some Honda guy try to lease me (helping a friend) an Accord 2.0T Sport for $2000 down $450 a month (no I did not get the details as the guy told me only the manager could negotiate MF). Sounds like these guys are doing pretty well to lease me a Honda for more than my Volvo (which they didn’t believe either) :joy:.

Good luck with the van!

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That’s a terrible deal even without seeing any of the leasing factors!

I actually think they will cave without me following up , but we will see. I’ll keep my internet LH friends updated!

Update: They never called me and my Carvana offer expired and is now $1300 less.

New Update: one of the Honda dealers offered to buy my van for the original Carvana offer, but didn’t want to sell me one at a price we could agree on. Currently van-less and rolling the dice on the April numbers.

April is not too far away, but I doubt there will be a lot of change.

There may not be a lot of people going and buying cars right now, but there is still a decreased amount of supply.

Now that you don’t have the van anymore, you might be able to reach out to a few more dealers and just negotiate the best that you can.

The money factor this month is close to 5% APR. We will see what tomorrow brings… no whammies, please!

Waiting on Edmunds to confirm, but the April numbers for the Odyssey look pretty good. $1k in Conquest and $1k in Loyalty for any 2009 or newer Honda, these are stackable the dealer is saying. MF dropped to .00086, which is a huge improvement.

Edit: now they are saying it isn’t stackable. @mani_is_kool can you confirm?

Not an expert by any means, and I might even get scorched for what I’m about say, but I don’t think those incentives are stackable, One is for repeating Honda Customers, and the other is for moving/jumping from another brand customers. Just my .02.

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You could call another dealer and confirm as well. I have not seen a stackable conquest/loyalty in awhile and doubt they would do it now.

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Loyalty and conquest is almost never stackable with any brands that i know of. Not sure about AZ but havent received programs for April yet.
From last month AZ did have $1750 in d.c which most likely was kept same.

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