2020 Nissan Rogue Sport SL AWD

I’m planning to propose the following deal for a 2020 Rogue Sport SL AWD. Zip Code 11754 in NY. Looking for a cheap commuter car. Is this a realistic offer and do you think it’s

MSRP: $31,580
Selling price: $27,475
RV: 54%
MF: .00003
Nissan Incentive: $2,750
Trade in: $2000 - confirmed via multiple sources
Monthly Payment: $216
DAS: first payment $216

I can’t comment on how realistic your discount is (what do recent Rogue deals on here look like, and have you verified the MF and RV?).

However, at the very least, you should not be putting your $2k trade equity as down payment. You can still trade your car in, just have the dealer cut you a check back for that $2k.

I was just thinking the same thing get a check cut for the trade and break the quote down to see if they are rolling the incentives into the selling price. My condolences for having to drive a Nissan with a CVT.

Have you checked your trade-in value with Carvana?

Also, have you checked for all Nissan incentives?

Great point, I just checked vroom and they offer $2500 and I can keep these as 2 separate transactions. Thanks for the reply

Yeah I’m not sold on Nissan at all. I’m worried the CVT will crap out. I just want something for around $200-$225 per month with leather and tech. Seems like Nissan fits that bill but may not be worth it.

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What about a Mazda CX30?

Will definitely price that out. Looks like a nice little vehicle. I haven’t driven one yet. Thanks for the advice

If you are looking for a box with decent appointments, get the Nissan.

That’s why you lease it. It is under warranty.

CX30 is much smaller than the rogue.

This is Rogue Sport though. Pretty similar size wise to CX30 I think

That’s not where a rogue sport is going to be. Not in this environment

Thanks for the insight. Sounds like it may make sense for me to wait a bit. Maybe I’ll look at a Rogue later in the year. With the 2021 re design coming out this fall, I would think there will be deals on a 2020 to move them. I thought the Rogue Sport would be worth a shot given some of the incentives from Nissan but sounds like this environment is not ideal. Plus right now I drive a 2007 BMW 328i with 128,000 miles, needs a little work but might be tough to go from that to a Rogue or Rogue sport. I figured if I can get one loaded for less then $250 per month it might be worth it. Thank you all for the insight.

If You open to cheap commuter and sedan or EV i would suggest one of them. In NY you will get additional $2k rebate for Ioniq EV.

Thanks I’m open to checking those out. Haven’t thought about EV.

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Don’t get cheap leather, it’s the worst.

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Can you please share what app you’re using? Thx.

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