2020 Mitsubishi Outlander

I am looking for a low cost lease for a 3rd row seating car in SoCal. I have not seen a lot of discussion about the Outlander in the forums here, but because of what features I will be getting for the price, I wanted to explore this option. I have found the following with a dealer offering very good Dealer Discounts. Is this a good deal and where can I start the negotiation on this?

Length of lease 36 months
Miles per year 10,000
Monthly lease payment $283/month

MSRP $31,525
Dealer Discount -$6,550
Capitalized Cost $24,975
Specials -$1,000
Taxes – Capitalized $884
DMV Fees $337
Dealer Fee $165
Acquisition Fees $695
Est. Adjusted Cap Cost $26,056

Net Down Payment $0
Taxes - Due Upfront $95
Security Deposit $300
First Month Payment $283
Total Due at Signing $678

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Can the experts here provide your inputs on this?

What does Edmunds say MF/rv/incentives are? What MF are they charging?

This is what I got from Edmunds:

24/10 - .43% APR and 60%
36/10 - .23% APR and 49%
$1500 lease cash
$250 dealer cash

I still do not know what they are charging me.

I’ve tried getting it into the calculator a couple different ways, I was closest when I knew several things were wrong. I’ll let someone else check me here.

36 months

24 months

If you put in the $1000 “special” as an untaxed incentive, your numbers match up just about right

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Yup that looks better. The 24 month looks like the way to go. That MF is delicious.

Thanks for the feedback and the calculator. This is very helpful !!

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Looks like a great start. Good luck with it !

Any updates, curious to see how you did with the lease!

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My apologies for not getting back with my experience. On one of the forums I have read about how your dealership experience could be so different from brand to brand. I had a first hand experience of this with Mitsubishi. The numbers that I had posted was from the website of Puente Hills Mitsubishi.

I tried to contact the dealership over emails and the responses were not very forthcoming. Most of the time I got canned responses with information alreadt available on their website and in other cases the responses did not address my speciic questions. Considering this, I decided to visit them on 2/16. Even though I was expecting some hard selling, but what I experienced made me wonder if this was the reason why the Mitsubishi brand was so unpopular in the US.

Following is the feedback that I have shared on the Mitsubishi website and will wait for a couple of days to see if there is any response. This explains how things went !!

I was looking a 2020 Outlander SP and had calculated what my monthly payment would be using the calculator on the dealers website. I visited the dealer on 2/16, which was an hours drive from where I live. After getting there I met with AXXXXXX AXXXXXX who showed me around the display vehicle and then helped me to test drive one of the Outlanders on the lot. I felt comfortable with everything and asked for a quote of what my lease payments would be for a 24 month and 36 month term. It took approximately 15-20 minutes for AXXXXXX to return back with a quote, which seemed very odd. But when he came back with the quote, that is when my whole experience started to turn around. The quote was provided based on MSRP and withouth any advertiesed dealer discounts. When I questioned this, I was told that leases are ALWAYS based on MSRP. I politely mentioned that this was not true and I was familiar how leases work. I also pointed to their website on how lease payments there were being calculated based on the discounted price. After this AXXXXXX started questioning me on my veteran status and if I was already leasing a Mitsubishi. I confirmed neither was true and then I was told based on this I was not eligible for dealer discounts. I pointed out that these two discounts were only a smaller part of the full dealer discount and hence he should just be taking out that part of the discount. I was then told that on a lease only 50% of the discounts were applied. To this I mentioned that it was not how their website was calculating the lease payment.
After this I was then passed on to TXXXXX GXXXXX the Sales Manager. TXXXX started to change the discount amount stating they were going to loose money with the deal he was offering me and then gave me a proposal for a 48 month lease, the monthly payments for which was much more than what I had seen online for 36 months. Then I was asked why I did not consider buying Vs leasing.
At this point I thought there was no point in discussing further and I decided to leave the dealership.
I was extremely disappointed with how the whole process went and felt that there was lack of honesty when interacting with the customers. Further, if this was truely an issue with what was being shown on the website, I would have removed the ability to calculate lease payments on the website. This is very close to mis-selling. Can you please let me know what action you intend to take on this?

Join the growing list of people that walk into the dealership and then the dealership walks over them. We could have told you this is how it will all going to play out if you told us the numbers are from web and not confirmed by a salesman. Forget about them and send emails to other dealers.

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