2020 Mini Cooper Countryman S All4 $374/month (zero down)

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Helped my brother-in-law secure a lease as his current car kept dying. Tried for a killer 25% off pre-incentive deal on an X2, but he ended up wanting a Mini Cooper with all wheel drive.

Anyway, there weren’t a lot of data points on the forum for Mini so kinda went in blind with a short timeline. Also posting this to help other folks who happen to be hunting for Minis in December. 2020s are still leasable and the residuals are still pretty good relative to BMW. 59/60 for the Mini with increased lease cash.

In short, ended up with 19-20% off inclusive of lease cash. Crappy MD taxes on the MSRP hurt this deal quite a bit – adds about $34/month. I managed to get another $1,000 off after they said “they were at the max” so I think I could have gotten my 16% off pre-incentive goal with more effort and time.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Mini Cooper Countryman S All4 (Signature trim??)
MSRP: $37,750
Selling Price: $30,401
Monthly Payment: $374
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7,500
MF: 0.00090
Residual: 60
Incentives: 0 (but technically $2,000 in lease cash)
Region: DMV


Congrats! Can you share a pic of the lease or purchase order? Thank you and congrats again!

No can do since it’s my brother’s, but all info is above save for the drive-off amounts which were like 1300 – expensive VA doc fee, acquisition and tags/title.

Same car (same MSRP), same terms is on RODO for $358/mo with 1st due at signing (MA). Have been surprised at the deals on Mini Coopers this month.

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Thanks for the added data point!

Great! Congrats

What dealer in MD did you get it from?