2020 mini 4 door hardtop S loaner lease

Went in for a test drive to get a feel for the S model and decided yes, I want to lease one. Talks of a shortage on the 4 doors a S and out comes a loaner mini with all the options for lease at 358 a month with 3215 down it had 7,700 miles on it and discounted by 6,091 from original msrp of 37,290 to 32,398. Additional feels, registration, taxes, acquisition fee, doc fee, etc. Came to 3125.86

I walked away since they could only entertain an additional 1,000 in discount. I asked for 2,000 additional discount but now I’m thinking it was a ripoff to begin with and don’t think I’ll go back for it. Was it a decent deal.?16078217544255437756325928477207

here’s the info:

Almost $450/mo on a high mileage loaner mini seems expensive at first glance, but hard to say without knowing more. Bmw leases on loaners with more than 5k miles rarely make sense… I’d assume the same rules apply to minis.

What was your target price on a new one based on the current programs?

National deal from mini for the S is 289$ a month with 3k down on the 2020 and 2021 models. This particular loaner had additional options but nothing I care about.

Thia dealer says it’d be closer to 6k with after everything is added. That seemed insane and dishonest to me so I didn’t press further on it.

National deals are almost always poor deals (and significantly more than they appear to be. I guarantee you that $3k down ends up being thousands more by the time you add in all the taxes and fees left out). You’ll be far better served actually working out the real numbers on a lease and going from there. We.have a great leasing101 section to help you in that process

Thanks I’m going to give it a read now, whole thing today was overwhelming and very confusing.