2020 Mercedes C43 Sedan deal check

MSRP: $60,945
Discount: $5,000
Sale price: $55,945
42 months - 10,000 miles
Residual: 54%
MF: .00139
DAS: $3,000
Acquisition Fee: $1095

Monthly payment: $671.33

I can get you a much better deal than that!

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Pretty light on the discount right?

I don’t have that low of an msrp in stock but if I did, it’d be a selling price around 53k

Well if you get him one with an MSRP of around $63,217…he’d be breaking even with your 13% off discount…
Still worth it cause at least he’d get a higher spec car.

63217 - 13% off= 55,945$

lowest msrp is 64k

I had one at 61k but it went to @ron_jimenez

Still worth it at 64k…I assumed that you’re doing 13% off given that you’d be able to do a $60,945 MSRP for 53k

64,000*.13= $8320
64,000 - 8320= $55,680

Seems like a no brainer for OP. You can get him a more optioned car for about the same money if not less.

Doesn’t really work like that when the trunk money or dealer cash is a fixed $ amount

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Is that what’s going on here? Some of the brokers advertise particular models as a specific % off.
example: for my M4, it was flat 11% off on the broker deal, irrespective of MSRP.

The reason why I assumed he’s doing flat 13% off is because the car that OP is getting has a $60,945 MSRP which OP is getting for $55,945 and @nyclife is saying that he can get it for $53k

My assumption would be that the dealer would be upfront with the dealer cash and trunk money, and the broker is able to negotiate a higher % off MSRP.


There is $1500 dealer cash on these. After 10% off you would be right there.

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Is just shy of 10k off a 70k a stretch or pretty standard? Curious if that 13% changes the higher the MSRP.

Deal Check

2020 Mercedes C43 AMG

MSRP- 69,380
Sales Price- 60,942 (dealer cash included)
Residual- 59%
MF .00139
Drive off $1,417
Monthly Payment- $791 (tax included)

What do you all think?