2020 MB350 Deal - Etiquette

MB GLE 2020 global release has been an unmitigated disaster. We ordered 2 cars from Ray Catena Edison and the 2nd car has been pushed back indefinitely because of a Magma Grey leather shortage [don’t even know if I believe this but projecting for Sept/Oct delivery now]. I canceled one and am taking delivery of the 2nd. Both were negotiated in March @ 8% off MSRP, no markups to base rates upon delivery and base acquisition fee [795].

We are now month to month on our extended lease. Given delivery delays, I started looking in adjacent states for similarly optioned cars and found a comparable one. There is a dealer who agreed to the 8% this morning after I presented him with the prior executed agreements and then presented me with the attached sheet… marking up the MF from .00142 to .00192 [120 bps], adding in a GPS accessory @ 695 and marking up the acq fee to 1095. I told him politely we were starting off on the wrong foot.

He called and said the GPS accessory could go but the MF markup and acq fee were non-negotiable. He requested one final counter to go to the sales manager. What do you think is the appropriate counter here?


If you have tier 1 credit I would demand base MF and not a marked up acquistion, there not giving an insane discount either so there is no reason for them to justify a marked up MF, reading on the few gle deals on this forum 10% is what most people are getting, so if there is no way there pushing down sales price a bit deffintley demand the base MF and Acquistion

Just counter back with a bigger discount to account for your increase acq fee and marked up MF.

See what @nyclife can do. He gets a lot of love from his MB dealer :slightly_smiling_face:

Morning - they came back to me independently back to the right level. Last question - gross cap cost includes the 1st month payment and then the first month payment shows a ‘down’ payment to reduce it back down to net cap cost. Does this matter? Seems odd/circular?


Just looks as if they added the upfront taxes to the doc and government fees with the acq fee. Your cap cost reduction is first months, any more DAS?

Over all, this SUV really doesn’t lease well at all, but I understand it’s what a lot of people want. You’re going to pay a lot for it and it’s showing. They’re still only at about an 8% discount, but if that’s what you want then I say go for it, but it’s not a strong deal.

They shouldn’t be acting like they’re doing you a favor by giving not marking up acq and the MF when clearly it isn’t needed if you’re tier 1 credit.

Note: did not run this through calculator, you should run the numbers to see if it’s on point.

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