2020 M340i xDrive

Hey guys, Trying to get a good deal for the BMW M340i xDrive. It’s MSRP’d at 62,900. I got a deal of 15k miles for 36 months and monthly payment comes around $699 with a $2000 drive off. Does this deal sound sensible?


Based on the incentives you qualify, the current lease terms, and the target discounts you’ve seen in your research of other m340s on here, what target price are you getting for that MSRP?


They’ll applied all the incentives and stuff is what they say. Applied 11% discount on the price.

I believe you missed the question I was asking.

You need to get the selling price, separated from the incentives you’re getting. In addition, the MF and residual thats being applied. But even without those, this looks rather bad. Compare with all the other 340 deals posted here

699 is the target price i’m getting from the one of the dealers here. It comes down to 667 with 3000 drive off. I think with 15k miles a year, there is a huge bump in monthly payment according to most of the dealers i’ve talked to.

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No, that’s their offer.

What is YOUR target price, based on current lease terms, the incentives you qualify, and target discount percentages based on other m340 deals?

In other words, before you talk to the dealer any more, you should figure out what price you’re trying for so you have something to compare the dealer’s offer against.


@vikaspratap - Listen to this guy. If you want to score an amazing deal, you need to put in the work. What is your REALISTIC price after doing research? I believe a decent %off MSRP on this car is at least 11% off. I would not sign for less than 12% pre-rebate with base MF.

My target price was 600-650 with not more than 2000 drive off(which would include first’s months drive off and fees.) I have never leased a car before so all the terminology was kinda new to me. The latest and the best offer i received was $654 a month for 15k miles and 2500 upfront. I build a new car on the website and it msrp’s at 62,700 and with the discount, it got down to 57,200. residual’s at 58% and MF is 00142. Seems like discount’s around 9%. I tried to negotiate the discount and he said that’s the maximum as he applied incentives and rebates of $4000 from the drive off amount of 6500 which came down to 2500. Thanks a lot for replying and for the suggestions. This really helped me a lot.

Up to you to read all the resources here


potentially get ripped off every 2-3 years for the rest of your life.

I suspect that you will find if you compare other m340 deals, you will find that a $2500 discount before incentives is incredibly poor