2020 m340i x-drive - good lease?


I am being offered the below lease. Can you confirm if this is a good lease? Zip is 02052 (MA)
DAS - $2500
MSRP: $66,580
Sale price: ~14% off MSRP
Term: 36M
Mileage: 12k

Thanks in advance!

This is a decent deal but I’ve seen @dane1201 get more aggressive than this. In my (new but honest) opinion for all new cars one should just use a broker unless it’s a loaner/demo most of us hackrs are very unrealistic at the target price were looking for.

$599/mo with $2500 DAS seems high compared to offers available from the brokers in marketplace, but at $66K this is a very well equipped unit. Not enough details here to really answer, at the surface I would say not a good deal.

Is this 14% off before or after incentives?

before incentives.

MF is .0014

14% before incentives is extremely aggressive on a new M340i and still very good for a loaner. Payments seem a bit high given the $2.5k DAS at first glance, but I don’t know what incentives you qualify for. Try to get them to base MF or to up the discount to adjust for the inflated MF if you can, but in terms of discount even accounting for the inflated MF, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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