2020 m340 rwd deal check at NORTHWEST region

Hi guys I am at Washington state, i know its very hard to get a decent deal around this area.
I have been working with this sales person for weeks to get this deal.
This is a brand new 2020 m340 rwd. msrp 58235.
But he does not want to disclose the exact mf.
This is my first time posting.
Please let me know if the deal is worthy it, considering the area im at, or should i wait till the end of the year?

Almost $700 for a M340? Ouch… low discount, $600 starguard and no idea of MF? Walk away… though you can actually calculate the MF yourself if you wanted to

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If now is a bad time to lease a new BMW in the country, it is always bad in WA (and PNW in general). There’s no lease hacking with local dealers, looks like this deal is from Portland (StarGard is a dead giveaway). Hire a broker and get your car from CA.


Put your correct sales tax here. Is registration that high in WA? I put the base MF here. You can play around and see how the numbers work.

Pass on this.

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Do you know any broker in CA ships vehicle to other state? thx

Hi, do you guys ship the vehicle to WA?

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We can!

Drop us a line and we can see what we have available.

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Hi I left a message to your guys, I have not heard anything from you guys yet.

Should be with you shortly, going down the list of survey responses. :slight_smile:

let us know how it goes, i’m also in the PNW looking at an m340i

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Sure, which dealers have you been talked to?

This would be a deal breaker for me. I don’t care if the dealer is marking up the mf, but refusing to tell me what they’re charging is inexcusable.

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I’m very early on so only seattle. They weren’t interested in much of a discount at all

how do you calculate the mf on your own?

thanks a lot

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