2020 m240i coupe - built on website, not in inventory

Hey Hackrs,

I have built a 2020 BMW m240i on the website for leasing and I would like to get your thoughts on this quote.

MSRP - 49850
Selling Price - 44382
Rebate as cap reduction - 2500
Term: 36 months
Miles: 12k per year
Residual: 53%
Monthly Payment (including taxes): $554
Due at singing: $4780 (including first month payments, upfront fees and taxes)
Estimated wait time: 4-6 weeks.

I’m missing some numbers like the Money Factor, etc in my quote so I’m not able to use the calculator effectively. Let me know your thoughts.

Much appreciated! Thanks!

Are you open to any other cars? Or is it just this one. You can get much much more worth for your money, but if you really want this car then your going to have to bite the “exclusivity” cost

Also are you sure that 47xx doesn’t have CCR in it seems awfully high for inceptions

Also adding location would help, you should be able to enter all values in calc… just put MF as .00165 (base) for now till it’s confirmed

Edit just saw your pic you have 3k in CCR? Post rebate…

Think about it like this
Your paying effectively 700 per month for a car worth 50k does that sound good to you?

Some cars you could get for that payment:
2019 440
MB e300/400/53 (possibly)
2018 M3
Loaner 540 x drive

Hi N5651,

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try to answer your to the best of my knowledge.

  1. Yes, I am open but I would love to lease this particular model, it’s my dream car and I’m planning to get the long beach blue which was available only in M2 till 2019, as far as I know. I realize that I have to pay extra for that “exclusivity” but I would like to know what would be a good deal to pay for this.

  2. I have put in the MF as 0.00165 and the calculator shows the monthly payment as $525. All other numbers check out. Should I negotiate for this price with the dealer? Or should I push for more discount?

  3. Yes, 4780 initial payment includes my payment of $3020, first month payment $554, and upfront fees & taxes, as shown in the picture.

  4. When you say about paying $700 per month for a 50k car, do you mean to include insurance or to include the down payment I’m putting towards this car?

  5. I can definitely consider the other options like the 3 series or 4 series but I have driven this car before, and I would like to put my maximum effort into leasing this model as much as possible.

So, please let me know
a. if this current $554 per month is a good deal or
b. if I should push towards the calculator said amount $525 (leasehackr.com/calculator?make=BMW&miles=12000&msd=0&msrp=49845&sales_price=44382&months=36&mf=.00165&dp=3019.57&dealer_fee=85&acq_fee=925&taxed_inc=2500&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=53&reg_fee=603&sales_tax=9.25&demo_mileage=0&memo=&monthlyTax_radio=true)
c. if I should negotiate with the dealer less than $525.

I hope I’ve explained your concerns properly. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks very much!

Honestly I have never leased an ordered car, so I can’t chime in on the price. Maybe a fellow hacker will be able to. However if you can find a vehicle in stock or go for the 2019 model I feel like you might get a much better deal.
On the other hand a 10% discount is honestly pretty good in my opinion on a car that your ordering.
Depending on your location you could also message one of the brokers and see if they can get a better deal and then compare the two

Anyways good luck and appreciate your thorough response, hopefully someone with more knowledge will be able to chime in

By 700 per month I am including your Drive off into the payment dicing it by 36 and adding it to the per month.

Also MSDs May help shave off 20-30 a month

Unless you’re ordering an m240 in stick, why not check if there’s a ‘19 in inventory that you’d be happy with?

Don’t get me wrong they are great cars, I even owned an M235i 6MT for a while, but at this stage in the life cycle you are paying a hefty price for an old platform. They are due to be refreshed in a year or two.

There’s no great deal on this car, if this is what you want, you will be through the roof. The proposed lease deal you have is beyond horrendous. Almost $700/month for a $47k car?!? Just finance it.

That said if this is what you want and you accept you will pay an extra $150-200/month over other similarly priced cars, deal with dealers in LA and Orange County, not the Bay Area, to get the “best” bad deal you can find. They are far more aggressive.

Next generation 2-series is shifting to FWD architecture. May not be as good as the current gen. Get them while they’re hot.

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Horrendous lease.

You’re paying around $700/mo for 36 months for a car with a sticker of 47k. If you get it for 44k you can pay that for an extra 24 months and own the vehicle…totally getting ripped off here for that payment. When your lease payment is as high as financing, unless you have some tax loophole you can hit leasing is a waste.


There is only one 2019 vehicle available and that is around $55k MSRP. Which means that there’s a $150 increase in the monthly payment approximately, which I won’t be able to afford.

Hi @mah4546, Hi @GAli,

I can’t afford to buy/finance a $50000 car and pay for it for 5 years or something. It is a bigger commitment, so I thought I’ll lease it for 3 years. I know I can always fall back to a regular 3 series which is very commonly available, but I want to make an effort to lease this for a cheaper deal as much as possible.

And I don’t understand the part where you say I will be paying 150-200 a month extra compared to other similarly priced cars. $150 per month is around $5k in total for 36 months. Does that mean that for other similarly priced cars, the dealer could give a discount of $5k more than what I already have? Am I missing something here?

So from what you said, considering I should pay 150 less per month, for any other car (say a BMW) which is already in inventory, with MSRP 49845 and a selling price same as mine ($44382), should it be around 400 per month with $5k down? Do you think that would be a good deal? Am I getting it correctly?

I’m asking because I have a friend who recently leased a 2019 3 series with 5k down (including 3k cash, first month payment, upfront taxes and fees), and is paying $420 per month. So it that a horrendous deal as well? I’m just trying to understand your comparison to other similarly priced models. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

What is meant by other cars being 150 dollars cheaper are the factors surrounding those leases. Their MF May be lower and the RV higher and the manufacturer may have more incentives or lease cash available to drive the price down.

Oh okay, but for a BMW these factors would be the same for all cars irrespective of the model, correct? I’m trying to understand, for this MSRP among BMW models, is this a good quote or not? If not, how much would be a good quote? The attached pictures shows the results from the calculator assuming the MF to be 0.00165. Is it good for the price in BMW (given that all the other factors are same), or should I negotiate more?

No, it’s not a good price for a BMW either. MF and residual vary by model. BMW has really high MF and the residual on the 2 is so-so.

People are talking in a general sense of what this money can get you.
My Audi A4, for example, retailed for around $44k and I put $0 down and it’s $410 a month.

Also, stop talking about putting $5k down. Absolute insanity and stupidity. Put $0 down. Roll everything in! BMW offers MSDs though, so ask the dealer to apply maximum MSDs. That is fully refunded when you return your car and because it lowers the MF, you’ll save $30-40/month.

If you want a 2 Series you just have to face the reality that the leases on them generally suck and you are going to overpay. You can get a 4-Series for less. Heck, if it was last month, people were getting M3s for $0 down, MSDs and less than $800/month.

Your buddy’s BMW 3 deal sucks, so not a good comparison. A good price for a $49k BMW is $0 down and $490/month. Is that possible? Doubt it.

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For a BMW Dealer, the order is actually better than a DT in my humble opinion and better for the customer. Heres why:
#1, exact car you want to own
#2, zero cost of dealer adds like tint, low jack or nitrogen etc.
#3, zero cost from the original dealer to the selling dealer. for ex, I have several dealers in my market that will add 8-1200 in additional BS and then offer a better discount. The discount vs the $$$ hidden in the dealer adds is misleading.

The only neagtive is the fact that you’re taking a finite # of order slots. No one has an allocation also means you dont get your car in a reasonable period of time.

If you do a credit lock, you’ll need to finalize within a 60 day time period

If i trade for a new 330 for ex. I will have to pay whatever they want to add in “dealer cost”. I have seen 680-1200 in WHOLESALE NEW CAR TRADES!!

Ever wonder why you cant get your usual dealer to trade for your dream car? That partly why

90 days on west coast, I believe?

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If you are open to other models, you can get M3/M4 CS for a little over $800/month with $0 DAS.

Honestly I think the best option for you is to go through a broker if your considering a 2019 model, or a 3 series. You can look at some of the things posted in the marketplace section as well. As others have said you are paying ALOT for a BMW than most others pay, however the car your getting is the sole reason why, it’s not a car where people easily get 10-20% off msrp like some other BMW deals here. Again if you really love the car and really want it go for it we are just saying that for the same payment you can get other more expensive (msrp) cars than the one your selecting.

Residual wise your cars is pretty bad

You can take a look at the residual on The post in the market place I think BMW Dave has posted a spread sheet with all the residuals listed.
Every car a dealer will discount differently so you can’t just assume that you will only get x discount on this car and it would be the same x discount as another car the dealer would have on lot

Pretty much the closer your car (Sales price) is to the RV the less you will be paying per month, that is why a high RV along with good sales price is what makes a good deal

Your cars sales price (in my opinion for what it is) is not bad but the RV is horrendous which is the reason your paying so mjch

Interesting. It’s 60 here.

The 2 series does not lease well because the residual is low. 53% where other models like 3 series, 4 series or 5 series are 5-6% higher residual. On a $50k car that is ~3000 difference in residual which is adding almost $100 extra per month to your payment. If you’re set on a M240 then you’ll have to pay.