2020 Lincoln Corsair

I think this looks spectacular inside and out…

Guessing it’s the same platform as the Ford Edge? I like the interior of it.

Escape, actually.

Lincoln’s are especially bad at keeping the best looking versions of their car designs for their ludicrously expensive options.

To get the car they’re previewing in those photos, you’ll be paying as much as a Tesla, bmw, Benz, Volvo etc. it’s joke.

So $150-$550 average? :smiley:

Wait a second, in order to drive a luxury car, I have to pay the same price as other luxury cars in the class? :exploding_head:

On another note, base model bimmers and benz’s are likewise notorious for looking like junky rental cars. Halogen headlights in 2019? Fugly.

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To be fair, the X3 and GLC are fundamentally RWD-drive platforms that aren’t shared w/ cheaper models. Inflated residuals and the ability to get retired loaners mean that the BMW and MB may actually be cheaper to lease than is the Lincoln.

It kinda has a RR Velar vibe to it with the floating roof and lightbar at the back. I kinda like it.

I’m just not sure who Lincoln really appeals to in 2019? I can see it as a car for ladies of a certain age who lunch and flit between gated communities in Palm Springs and….literally no one else. If they got super aggressive on lease deals, they might capture a market that wouldn’t have previously considered the brand.

Agree that the new design language is really reminiscent of RR.

I think it might appeal to people who like the RR styling but can’t afford the price and don’t want to deal w/ RR reliability. Ford products tend to drive well, have very modern infotainment features, and can be decently reliable. So the bones of the car should be solid. I think Lincoln has also upped its interior-design game recently. Lincoln can (and should) create the ambiance in their dealership and service stations as the lux brands.

The most important part, though, is what you mention about being aggressive (w/ leasing and w/ financing). Basically, Lincoln needs to steal a page from Lexus and Genesis; offer the same performance, features, etc., of the Germans at a way lower price to capture market share. If they can do that, I know I’d certainly be interested (b/c I can’t afford a Velar and am not interested in an Evoque… Although, truth be told, if Cadillac ends up pricing the CT4 to compete w/ the A3/A-Class, I’d probably be the most interested in that). Otherwise, yes, why the heck would anyone want a Lincoln?

Exactly! I would probably put myself in their target market. 30’s. Married. Two good incomes. No kids. SUV fan. Preference for the German brands. I’m exactly the kind of person that they should be appealing to with this. But I’ll predict dealers are going to be tricky to work with and the numbers will be double what they should be to get me interested. But we’ll see.

Both mine as well as the sold X2 had LED…