2020 Lexus RX350 F Sport


MSRP 55200, 36/12 lease, MF .00010, Res 57%. Good deal or money on the table still:

$23k from box 6 = $648 per mo. In my opinion that is quite steep for this type of car but I don’t know the comps off hand.

That is factoring in the $2500 lease cash and out of pocket $1345. If you subtract those out it gets back to the monthly quoted.

Your discount is 7.6% pre-incentive. I believe someone getting a similar vehicle this week or last was able to secure a discount somewhere in the 8-10% range, so you may want to target a Gross Cap Cost (9a) of 50k even (9.4% discount) and see if they budge.

Edit: This calculator isn’t exactly right due to the upfront taxes being off (the upfront tax rate is clearly not 9% as is the monthly tax amount) ((is this a FL deal?), but it’s pretty close

Outside of Philly,so our lease tax rate is 9%. Great info tho and I will see if they will move on the discount. Thank you!

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You’re at about $639/mo. Got a quote on same car MSRP of $54900 at $617/mo. Supposedly an invoice deal, and the car was taxed differently as it was registered in S Carolina. Not sure during these times you can do much better? Maybe shoot for closer to $625/mo? Good luck.