2020 Lexus NX300 F Sport

Hey Hackrs,

Haven’t seen much info on 2020 Lexus NX300 F Sport deals in SoCal recently. What do you guys/gals think?

I’m getting 13% off MSRP before available incentives at base money factor. No benefit of MSDs as the money factor is already so low.



you can do MSDs on 36 mo program. The MF is higher. It’s prob less if you have MSDs to play with.

You are right 305Hackr, but you also take a hit with the residual which drops from 62% to 56% going from 27 to 36 months. All in all, you end up with ~$9/month savings doing the max MSDs and that would also let me take advantage of the California registration for the full year. Do you know what is the maximum number of MSDs you can do with Lexus? I’m only familiar with the BMW MSD program. Thanks!

Lexus should be max 9 MSDs depending on the MF.
I believe MF on NX right now is .00060 which means you can do 7 MSDs to take it down to .00004. But double check with Edmunds.

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This is the deal we ended up signing: 13.5% off MSRP before incentives at base money factor. Decided to go with the 27 month lease as the MF was so low and according to the dealer, Lexus allows extension of the lease, to take advantage of the CA registration, without much fuss.

Sharing the numbers hoping they are useful to others.

Good luck!

What is the 917 downpayment?

Wanted to pay the acquisition fee up front but the dealer mixed it up and I did not feel like redoing the contract. It is almost a wash. I’m aware of the risk of losing it in case the car gets totaled, but it is a small amount and a risk I was willing to take.

In your calc you still have the acq fee, so did you end up just paying down payment for no reason?

The down payment lowered my monthly payments by ~$37, so as I said before, it ends up being a wash. The only risk is totaling the car in which case the money down would be lost. The acquisition fee was rolled into the monthly payments.

I just leased a 2020 nx300t f sport
46k msrp
7500/27 months
$400 tax included
I hope its a good deal